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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

how to make a bed in minecraft
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A bed is one of the oldest blocks in Minecraft that has a unique ability – to allow the player to set their spawn after death. Beds have over 16 different recipes but crafting them is super easy! In this article, we will help you with how to make a bed in Minecraft!

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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft in 3 Steps

#1 Collect 3 Wooden Planks (Any Wood Type)

Planks are common materials in Minecraft that can be obtained by putting any log, stripped logs, wood, or stripped wood in the crafting grid. Each wood or log block will yield 4 planks of the same wood type.

Besides chopping trees for logs, planks can also be obtained in various structures like mineshafts, villages, strongholds, shipwrecks, woodland mansions, ruins, swamp huts, pillager outposts, and ancient cities.

The best structure to collect a large number of planks is the mineshafts and woodland mansions.

#2 Collect 3 Wool of the Same Color

Wool is an uncommon material that hard to get at the beginning, but as long as you have some sheep, you can farm it fast! By using a Shears item on any mature sheep, it will drop 1-3 wool blocks. And if you don’t have Shears yet, you can just kill the sheep for 1 instant wool.

Several structures in Minecraft contain wool as part of them. For example, a woodland mansion has a lot of different wool colors spawning across it. The pillager outpost may spawn with a tent made of white wool. Or an ancient city can spawn with a long hallway made of gray wool. Remember that Shears is the fasted item for harvesting wool in Minecraft.

You can find black, white, gray, light gray, and brown wool spawn inside Shepherd’s chest in the village structure. Normally, they have a 23.3 to 55.8% chance to contain 1-8 wool.

Trading emeralds with the shepherd villager is another option to get wool in Minecraft. You can get every single wool color from trading so this may be the best option!

Finally, you can use 4 strings and put them in a 2×2 shape to craft 1 white wool. Furthermore, you can dye the wool in any color by combining white wool with your favorite dye.

#3 Craft a Bed

When you have 3 planks and 3 wool, right-click a crafting table and put 3 planks on the bottom row, then put 3 wool in a row on top of the planks to craft 1 bed. The color of the bed depends on the color of the used wool.

If you already have a white bed, you can dye it into other colors by simply putting it in the crafting grid with another dye color. Please note that you can’t change the color of the dyed bed.

Additionally, you can trade 3 emeralds with the shepherd villager for a bed of random color. If you can’t find your favorite bed color, try breaking and placing the Loom block again to reset his trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you need to make a Minecraft bed?

You need 3 planks and 3 wool. The wool must have the same color, but the planks can be different. For example, you can use 1 oak, 1 jungle, 1 acacia plank, and 3 white wool to craft a white bed.

How do you put a bed down in Minecraft?

You put a bed down in Minecraft by putting it in your hot bar, then choose that hot bar slot. Finally, right-click on any empty area on the ground to place the bed. You will need a space of at least 1×2 blocks to place the bed properly.

How do you make a bed in Minecraft without wool?

You can find beds spawn naturally in the world, especially in the igloo and village structures. Moreover, you can obtain a bed by trading with the villager as well.


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