Elden Ring – how to reach Volcano Manor legacy dungeon

Elden Ring – how to reach Volcano Manor legacy dungeon
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If you want to know how to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, you’re in luck. Elden Ring takes the classic Dark Souls formulae and puts it in an enormous open world called the Lands Between, and there are plenty of locales to visit.

The Lands Between is full of varying landscapes, from Mountainous regions to perilous swamps. Among these lands reside massive vistas and castles, full of rich lore, lords, and enemies. One such location is the Volcano Manor in Mt  Gelmir. Home to Lord Rykard, the Volcano Manor is an optional legacy dungeon.

For more Elden Ring, read our guides covering how to respec and how to start Boc’s questline. Now, this is how to reach the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring.

How to reach Volcano Manor in Elden Ring - image shows the outside of the Volcano Manor
The road into the Volcano Manor is not an easy one. Image captured by VideoGamer

How to get to the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

To get to the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, you have two choices. One involves a quest that teleports you directly to the manor, whereas the second involves treading the dangerous path by foot or horseback. We will cover both methods here.

How to reach Volcano Manor by Rya’s quest

The easiest method to reach the Manor is by completing Rya’s quest line. Rya can be found in Liurnia of the lakes, ahead of the Layskar ruins. Talking to her will trigger her quest, where she tells you about the man who stole her necklace. You will have to reclaim her necklace. To do this, head straight and towards the left until you arrive at Boilprawn Shack.

✓ Jack’s advice

Don’t listen to Patches

Patches will tell you that being abducted by an Iron Maiden will take you somewhere nice. In reality, you are taken to the bowels of the Volcano Manor, but you are unable to reach anywhere else from this location.

The thief will be here and will ask for 1000 runes for the Necklace. After paying the sum and returning the necklace to Rya, you will later encounter her at the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus at the Atlus Plateau. Talking to her here will transport you directly to the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring.

How to reach the Volcano Manor via the Shaded Castle

The traditional method begins at Altus Plateau. Once there, head towards the Shaded Castle. Behind it, you will come across a bridge that will take them directly into Mt. Gelmir, which holds the Manor. Getting to the Volcano Manor here involves a long trek. At the first Mt. Gelmir site of grace, you will see a few Abductor Virgins up ahead, kill them and head for the ladder in front.

Climbing the ladder will reveal a tall siege and war camps, head straight towards the left from the siege until you come across a scion guarding a ladder. Kill the scion and climb the ladder. Here you will come across a useful merchant and a few more ladders. Climbing to the top will reveal a bridge leading directly to a site of grace and spirit jump.

Elden Ring - how to get to Volcano Manor: Image shows the map location
Map location for the Volcano Manor site of grace. Image captured by VideoGamer

Rest at the site of grace and take the spirit jump. Here you will come across a Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast, a very powerful boss which you can (and for now, should) skip. Head towards the right side of the boss arena, where you will be able to see the land below, jump down and follow the path until you arrive at the Volcano Manor.

That’s it for how to reach Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. For more, read our guides covering how to parry and how to get the White Mask of Varre.

Elden Ring Volcano Manor FAQs

Does Patches take you to Volcano Manor?

If you listen to his advice and get abducted by the Iron Maiden enemy, you will end up in Volcano Manor. However, the location doesn’t link up to the main dungeon, making it fairly pointless. Don’t give Patches the satisfaction.

Is it ok to join Volcano Manor Elden Ring?

Yes, the Volcano Manor quest has you kill various NPCs for unique armour and gear. It is well worth doing.