All endings in Elden Ring and how to get the best ending

All endings in Elden Ring and how to get the best ending
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  • There are six endings in Elden Ring. These are: Age of Fracture, Age of Duskborn, Blessing of Despair, Age of Order, Lord of Frenzied Flame, and Age of the Stars.
  • The best ending is considered to be the Age of Stars.

Based on the choices you make, Elden Ring has several endings that can be obtained. While you can’t get all endings in one playthrough normally, you can get one of six. As such, it could be important to you to know how to chart your way to the best ending in the game, lest you inadvertently set yourself on the path to the frenzied flame. The ending you get is determined by completing quests and obtaining special items, granting you a choice as to the ending you want.

elden ring all endings: our character stands in front of a statue of Marika in Elden Ring showing ending options
If you have Mending Runes in your inventory, you can select one to get the related ending. Image captured by VideoGamer

All endings in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a total of six endings, with one of them referred to as the ‘secret’ ending involving the character Ranni. If you do nothing but focus on killing every main Shardbearer boss for their Great Rune and essentially rush through you will pretty much always work towards the Age of Fracture ending. Generally speaking, the Age of Fracture is considered the normal and default ending to the game since it involves doing little else other than the main story. Within this ending, you will have a choice of three other outcomes that all follow a different variation on the same ending where you mend the Elden Ring.

Whether or not this is the ‘best’ ending, is up to you to decide. When you beat the final boss of the game, there will be a dialogue option, the number of which you have available will depend on how many Mending Runes you have acquired. Let’s take a look at each of the endings and how to get them.

1. Age of Fracture ending

This is the default ending to Elden Ring. When you beat the final boss, you can select the option to ‘Mend the Elden Ring’ at the Statue of Marika. This will see your character become the Elden Lord and perpetuate the Golden Order, following the behest of the Greater Will. This is one ending, but there are three other variations on this you can get depending on which Mending Rune you obtain.

2. Age of Order ending

The first alternate ending to the Age of Fracture ending is the Age of Order. If you complete the quests associated with Gold Mask and Corhyn, you will be rewarded with the Mending Rune of Perfect Order. This item will allow you to select the Age of Order ending after you beat the final boss. Ultimately, this ending keeps things much the same way, with you ruling over the land as Elden Lord and keeping the Golden Order chugging along.

3. Age of Duskborn ending

The second variation of the first ending is the Age of Duskborn. Once again, you can only select this ending if you have, and use, the Mending Rune of the Death Prince when prompted to restore the Elden Ring. Doing so will re-introduce the ‘curse’ of death to the Lands Between. Getting this Mending Rune is done by fulfilling Fia’s questline whereby you restore the Rune of Death.

4. Blessing of Despair ending

The third and final variation on the Age of Fracture is the Blessing of Despair ending. This ending will only occur if you have the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse in your inventory when you approach the Statue of Marika at the end. Using this Mending Rune is essentially the bad ending since you are spreading a curse throughout the Lands Between by using this rune you get from the Dung Eater NPC. All in all, pretty awful way to end things.

5. Lord of Frenzied Flame ending

Arguably the most chaotic ending in Elden Ring, the Lord of Frenzied Flame sees you bring untold chaos and destruction to the Lands Between. This is one of two drastically different endings you can get and much more interesting than the Age of Fracture and its alternate routes. The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending can be achieved if you meet with the Three Fingers after finding the door that leads to the Frenzied Flame, which is tied to Hyetta’s quest.

Once you are scorched by the Frenzied Flame, you effectively become a host for this volatile force. All you need to do now is complete the game as normal and this ending will play out. Becoming scorched by the flame will lock you into this ending and there will be no other options available even if you have the Mending Runes; it will simply say ‘Become Lord of Frenzied Flame’ when you approach Marika’s statue.

This is, by far, the worst ending in Elden Ring since you burn everything to cinders. If you happen to have done this without realising it, you can complete Milicent’s quest to obtain Miquella’s Needle and use this to cure yourself of the Frenzied Flame. By doing so, you won’t be locked into this ending and you can use any Mending Rune you want at the end of the game.

6. Age of Stars ending

The Age of Stars ending is considered to be a hidden and secret ending. To get this, you must complete all of Ranni’s quests. If you have done this correctly, you will see a summon sign appear in the final boss room after you kill it. Interact with the summon sign to call Ranni to the boss room, who will essentially become a God, taking Marika’s place. This ending could be considered the best since it breaks the cycle in a meaningful way, namely by freeing the lost souls trapped in the Erdtree and pointedly not mending the Elden Ring.

elden ring all endings: our character stands next to Ranni's summon sign for the age of stars ending
If you complete Ranni’s quest, you can see the Age of Stars ending by summoning Ranni here. Image captured by VideoGamer

What is the best ending in Elden Ring?

While none of the endings are officially considered the best, we believe that Ranni’s Age of Stars ending is the best one to get in Elden Ring. It seems you throw enough things out of order and make meaningful changes to the Lands Between, without destroying everything (Lord of Frenzied Flame) or cursing the land further (Blessing of Despair).

Interestingly, Ranni’s Age of Stars ending doesn’t require the use of a Mending Rune to fix things, instead taking a different approach. Ultimately, it boils down to whether or not you trust Ranni. The result is that you and Ranni ascend to the cosmos together with you as her ‘consort’, and all the souls that had become trapped and bound to the Erdtree are freed from this stilled land and cycle.