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How to get Sammy Sosa in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 Sammy Sosa
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How can I get the 99 overall Sammy Sosa card in MLB The Show 23? MLB The Show 23 has been red hot with its Diamond Dynasty player drops since the game hit stores on March 28. And at the forefront of this reality, has been none other than the delightful new change of being able to unlock 99 overall Diamond players right off the bat with the arrival of the new game.

Though MLB The Show 23 has already released a solid collection of Set 1, Set 2, and CORE 99 overall Diamonds fans can pursue, some come with a much better sets of skill attributes than others, such as the new Milestone Kenley Jansen Diamond player item. And at the top of the list for many fans right now, is that of the 99 overall Sammy Sosa Diamond card. If you’re are one of those passionate fans that has been after this new Sosa player item and would like to unlock it, we cover where you can find it and how you will be able to secure it down below.

MLB The Show 23 Sammy Sosa

How to get Sammy Sosa in MLB The Show 23

The 99 overall Sammy Sosa card that many are after belongs to that of the Awards Series and comes with awesome card art. But acquiring the legendary item is no easy feat. Because of how special this item truly is, it is not available in the Community Market and can only be unlocked by completing the National League Live Series Collection.

When visiting the ‘Collections’ menu in Diamond Dynasty, the second collection from the left belongs to the Live Series CORE player items. As you enter the Live Series Collection, you will find a tab for the MLB, AL, NL, all six divisions, and all 30 teams. Inside every tab, comes a collection of Live Series players fans need to secure in order to complete each set.

Once you complete each set for each team, you will start to unlock the Diamond player rewards from the divisional tabs – and then once you collect those divisional player rewards, you will be able to unlock the AL and NL 99 overall Diamond rewards. And the NL CORE 99 Diamond player reward, is that of Sammy Sosa himself. Fans can only acquire Sosa once they unlock CORE 97 overall Hank Aaron, 93 overall Fernando Valenzuela, and the 93 overall Honus Wagner item.

Now that you know where and how you can unlock the 99 overall Sammy Sosa player reward, feel free to scope out how to get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 23 here. Should you be trying to add more Future Star Series players to your squads in Diamond Dynasty, we cover the full list available here.

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