How to get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 23

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How can you get Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 23? MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty has been a world of fun, coming with various new player items that are invaluable to have. What’s incredible to fathom with MLB The Show 23, is that we’re just approaching the tail-end of Season 1. Yet somehow, it feels like we’ve played several seasons of the new game seeing how many amazing Diamond cards MLB The Show 23 has released so far.

The biggest and most refreshing change in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty this year, has to be the incorporation of 99 overall rated players in Season 1. Naturally, 99 overall players are the best of the best, and can you really go wrong when you have any of them? Whether it’s the balance of their skill attributes or the specific weaknesses some carry over others, each 99 brings something special to the table, and arguably the biggest fan-favourite of the Set 1 collection, has been that of the former, legendary Atlanta Braves third baseman, Chipper Jones.

How to unlock Chipper Jones in MLB The Show 23

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The Chipper Jones player item that many are after in Diamond Dynasty, is none other than the Set 1 Collection Finest Series card he has, which bares a 99 overall rating and comes decorated with an outstanding set of skill attributes.

To unlock this Chipper Jones player item, fans first need to visit the ‘Collections’ menu under the ‘Collect’ tab in Diamond Dynasty. From there, scroll over to the ‘Set Collections’ menu, where inside, you will find a Set 1 collection of Diamond player items ranging 90 to 99 overall. Coming with a total of 260 Set 1 player items, fans can unlock a series of rewards listed on the right-hand side as they collect more of these Set 1 Diamonds.

Among these rewards, comes three Set 1 Collection Choice Packs, all of which contain three legendary 99 overall players: Babe Ruth, Pedro Martinez, and Chipper Jones. To unlock the first of the three Set 1 Collection Choice Packs, you need to collect 140 of the Set 1 Diamond players in the collection. However, should you opt to go for Ruth or Martinez instead, the next opportunities to get Chipper will be at 200 and 260 collection milestone marks.

If there’s a meta Set 1 Diamond player right now in MLB The Show 23, many in the community would probably tell you it’s this Chipper Jones card. If you’re after another meta Set 1 player item, look no further than the MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Charisma Series Ken Griffey Jr. Card. In addition, here’s the latest MLB The Show 23 Supercharged players list.

MLB The Show 23 – How to get Chipper Jones FAQ

Is Chipper Jones a switch hitter in MLB The Show 23?

Chipper Jones is a switch hitter in MLB The Show 23.

What makes this Chipper Jones Finest Series card so good?

It comes down to not only his hitting attributes against both lefties and righties, but also his versatile skill set as a fielder and base runner.

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