How to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive

How to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive
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Wanting to know how to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive? Good call. From the moment the racing genre and lego medium converged, a question on every competitor’s mind was how to go about building the fastest, smoothest, or most durable car possible. With a number of different stats that you can alter and take control over, there’s a massive variety in the types of vehicle you can aim to build.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to take advantage of all the building tools at your disposal, and build the best car in Lego 2K Drive. We’ll be aiming for a car that will fit the ‘best all-round’ category, but we’ll point out how to specialise your creations along the way. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to use your creations online against friends, potentially all of them, if you know your stuff about Lego 2K Drive crossplay options.

How to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive: A car on display in the loadout menu, it's stats displayed in the top-right corner.

Building the best car in Lego 2K Drive

There are a few different aspects to consider that will affect your car’s overall performance. The big three are:

  • Perks
  • Stats
  • Weight

We’ll go over each of these in order and explain how you want to keep them in mind when aiming to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive.


Perks serve as permanent boosts to your vehicle’s stats or abilities in-game. You can unlock perks through completing races and missions, and there are quite a few to unlock. None of these perks are game-breaking, but each will give you a small advantage that’ll be applied to all your vehicles in every loadout.

You can pick up perks to boost your vehicle’s acceleration, increase top speed, health, or even shorten the time it takes to morph between the three vehicles in your loadout when changing terrain type.

How to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive: The perks selection screen, which also shows the stats.

You’ll also notice that the perk system is tied to the class system, with a C, B and A rank slot. Starting the game off, you’ll only have the C rank slot available. But keep playing, levelling up, and completing races, and you’ll climb through the account-wide class system. This’ll net you a few different benefits, but where perks are concerned, it’ll unlock additional slots as you progress, allowing you to equip more than one perk at a time.


Stats are the most straightforward of these mechanics, tying everything together. All your vehicles have access to four stats in-game. These are:

  • Top speed – the maximum speed your vehicle can achieve.
  • Acceleration – how quickly your vehicle can speed up and reach its top speed.
  • Health – the amount of damage your vehicle can take in races before breaking and needing to respawn.
  • Handling – how easily your vehicle controls, and how responsive it is to your inputs.

Stats will naturally increase as you level up, and this is one of the best ways to improve your car’s performance. They can also be boosted by different perks, and will receive boosts across the board when you level up to a class B and A.

Stat packages

Players will be able to more directly affect stats for a given vehicle by selecting the ‘stats’ tab on the vehicle menu when in the garage. If you’re still trying to find your nearest garage and could use with access to all garage locations, we have you covered. You’ll then be able to choose from a variety of different stat packages, ranging in quality from “Neat” to “Cool” to “Awesome” to “Super Awesome”. The higher the tier, the better the bonuses, but more costly the drawbacks.

How to build the best car in Lego 2K Drive: The stats package screen, Fast Molasses under the 'awesome' category currently selected.

Each package will provide a boost to certain stats, at the cost of others. A package that boosts top speed and acceleration for example, will reduce your health and your handling. A “Neat” package might give +2 bonuses and -2 reductions, while an “Awesome” package might give +6 and -6 boosts and reductions.

It’s up to you to play around with these packages and choose one that works best for your style of play. Our personal recommendation would be to start out with the Fast Molasses pack once you can afford it. This will give you a major boost to handling and speed, at the cost of acceleration and health. But as handling will help you to crash less, and speed will help you to outpace your opponents and pick up powerups faster, we reckon the trade-off is worth it once you’re confident enough in your racing skills.


There are six weight classes in total. These are:

  • Super light
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Super heavy
  • Massive

You’ll be able to determine your vehicle’s weight class by its size – the more bricks it has, the heavier it will be, tipping it over into higher weight classes. Each class has advantages and drawbacks. Lighter vehicles are more nimble and easier to handle, but struggle to smash apart opposing cars and are more vulnerable to destruction themselves. Heavier vehicles meanwhile can smash through enemies more easily and have greater health, but they’ll be more unwieldy on the track and sluggish as they speed up.

Again, it’s up to you to determine what best fits your play style. We’d recommend aiming for either light or medium weight classes to begin, as this will keep your car nimble, without risking its survivability too much.

Ultimately Lego 2K Drive has done an excellent job at balancing its vehicle design systems, ensuring that every advantage has a tradeoff, and that no given design philosophy will be too powerful compared to its competitors. You’re free to follow our advice, but play around with stats, weight and perks for long enough and you’ll ultimately find that the best car in Lego 2K Drive is whatever suits the way you play the best. Make sure to check in on how to remove weeds, as well as sharpening your skills against friends with spilt screen mode, to give yourself the best skill-based advantages alongside your shiny new vehicles on the race course.

How do I change stats on a vehicle in Lego 2K Drive?

Go into the garage and select your chosen vehicle. Clicking on it should bring up the vehicle menu. Go down to the ‘stats’ tab and open this. From here you can select a variety of stats packages.

What are the weight classes in Lego 2K Drive?

There are six weight classes for vehicles in Lego 2K Drive. These are: Super light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Super heavy, and Massive. Each class will alter how your vehicle drives, and how it handles smashing into other Lego vehicles.