How to Build a House in Minecraft

How to Build a House in Minecraft
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Minecraft is a creative game, especially when it comes to building! How many ideas do you have when you want to build something? Let’s say you want to build a house in Minecraft! Is it big? Have many rooms does it have? And what are the blocks used as well as the location of the house?

Today, let’s go through some of the ideas about how to build a house in Minecraft so you can get a few inspirations for your future home!

What to Build in a Minecraft House?

There are a lot of things to build in Minecraft! And when we limit it to only Minecraft rooms (or parts), the list is partially reduced, but there are still way many!

List of rooms you can build in a Minecraft house:

  • Living Room: You can put tables, chairs, and paintings in this room. A living room can also be the main room in your house that can connect to other rooms.
  • Bedroom: Put your beds here to sleep overnight. Some people put their secret chests in this room too!
  • Smelting Room: If you need to smelt a lot of ores and food, it’s a good idea to build a smelting room that contains a lot of furnaces, smokers, and blast furnaces. You can also build a Redstone railway system here to automatically smelt your items.
  • Storage Room: Chests, barrels, and shulker boxes can be placed here.
  • Enchanting Room: contain an enchanting table, bookshelves, lapis lazuli, and books to use to enchant in Minecraft.
  • Portal Room: You can put the Nether portal here. If you’re playing any mod packs, you can build a lot of other portals like the aether, deep dark, mining dimension, and the moon.
  • Entrance to The Mine: It’s risky to look for caves outside your house. Instead, make this room with staircases lead straight to the mining zone.
  • Animal and Crops Farm Room: Most people build these types of farms outside, but realistically, animals in Minecraft don’t stink so keeping every single farm inside your house is the best option! You can farm trees, wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons, pumpkins, sugarcane, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and more!
  • Brewing Room: Brewing is a big system and you should build a separate room for it if possible.
  • Smithing Room: Besides displaying your armors in the smithing room, you may want to put anvils and smithing tables here as well. The anvil is used to repair items, while the smither table can be used to upgrade your diamond gears to netherite.
  • Bathroom: You don’t need to take a bath in Minecraft, seriously! But nothing is satisfier than relaxing in the water after a long day of mining.
  • Kitchen: Does it make sense to store your food items in the storage? Besides decoration purposes, a kitchen is a place to cook and store your food.
  • Redstone Experimentation Room: If you’re a fan of MumboJumbo, you know that Redstone can be complicated and may require testing multiple times. That’s why this room exists!
  • Villager Trading Hall Room: This room becomes an important room to build in Minecraft after the 1.14 update. Why gather the materials manually when you can trade them directly with the villagers?
  • Hidden Vault: Usually is a part of a bedroom or deep underground, this room contains valuable stuff like diamonds, netherite, beacon, trophies, and more!
  • Balcony: If your house has multiple floors, it’s good to have a balcony for relaxing and observation purposes!

Above are all the important rooms for a house in Minecraft! There are some other room ideas are that not popular like the armory, control room, panic room, scout tower, beacon room, garage, library, dye room, and more. But let’s stick to the main room for now!

How to Build a House in Minecraft

#1 Determine the House Style

There are multiple house styles in Minecraft. Therefore, you may want to apply different builds depending on your playstyle, the biomes you’re currently living in, or the beautiful scenery of specific terrain.

Some popular house styles in Minecraft are dirt hut, mountain house, cave house, tree house, box house, and more. With enough creativity, you can even create a magical floating house in the fantasy world!

In this article, we’ll build something simple, an upgraded wooden box house!

#2 Choose the Block Palette/Color

You’re done with the style and shape, now let’s talk about the color and block variants! There are 2 main criteria you want to pay attention to, color and rarity (how easy it’s to get the building blocks).

Let’s say your favorite color is teal and you love diamonds, you can just build a house made of diamond blocks. But you know it’s not that easy to get a lot of them, right? Instead, you can use light blue terracotta, concrete, lapis lazuli block, and light blue wool to build your dream house.

For this tutorial, we’ll use oak and spruce wood. For more information, you can see the list of materials below.

#3 Build the First Floor

Starting off with a 13 by 9 rectangle on the floor. The block in the corner is counted twice for both sides.

Then fill the floor with cobblestone. This will be an 11 by 7 area.

Now build 4 more blocks up to create a box and fill the top with the oak planks. You will have an ugly box like this.

Extend the highest layer out 1 block with the oak planks. You’ve roughly completed the first floor!

Let’s build the staircases leading to the second floor! Go to the left of the front side and build a staircase shape like this. There are 4 columns on each side, with the oak planks usage being 3, 3, 2, and 1.

Finish the staircase with oak stairs. You need to break 2 oak planks on the top layer to build the last 2 stairs.

Come back to the first floor, put 2 oak doors on the right side like this.

Go to the right side, break two 2 by 2 areas on the wall and fill them with glass panes to make windows.

Then go to the backside. This time let’s make 3×2 windows.

Finally, the left side has 2 windows. The spacing and position are identical to the right side. You’re done with the first floor for now!

#4 Build the Second Floor

First, go back to the second floor and build some 3-block tall columns like the image below. The gaps between the columns are identical to the first floor.

Next, build another block on top of each column above and connect them up. Then extend out 1 block like what you did on the first floor.

Fill the roof with oak planks.

Then put another 2 oak doors right in front of the staircase.

You know the rule! Fill the gap on the second floor with glass panes. And that’s the basis for the second floor.

#5 Build the Exterior

Let’s make the portal room within your living room! Dig out the oak planks on the front side to create a 4×5 shape and build the border with obsidian. Then light the portal with flint and steel.

Come to the right, use 4 stone brick walls and 4 oak stairs to build the front door. Note that the two middle stairs are placed upside down.

To the second floor’s entrance, use 4 oak fences and 4 spruce slabs to build the canopy.

Fill the roof again with spruce slabs. Besides aesthetical purposes, slabs can prevent hostile mobs from spawning on your roof.

To the staircase, let’s put 6 flower pots and plant the tulips in. Now the build is more alive!

Next to it, build the main entrance to the front door with 2 composters, 2 oak leaves, 6 spruce slabs, and 6 cobblestones.

Then use spruce slabs and cobblestones again to fill in the right part of the front door.

Finally, let’s decorate the other three sides of your house with plants, slabs, and lighting. For the right side, use 3 composters, 3 leaves, and 6 cobblestone slabs to build the bottom trim. Then use 2 oak fences and 2 lanterns and hang down from the second floor.

The back is the same with 3 plants, a cobblestone trim, and another hanging lantern on the right.

Finally, finish the exterior on the left side!

#6 Decorate the Interior

It’s time to build the interior! Open the front door and go to the first floor. You need to build another staircase leading to the second floor from the inside. Remember to place oak staircases upside down in the back to create depth for your staircases.

In the middle of the first floor, make a 7×5 area with dirt with 2 blocks in the center for water. Then grow 8 sugarcane around the 2 water blocks above and fill the rest with wheat seeds (or any other seeds you like).

You can expand the farm all the way to the right side. But in this case, we put some furnaces for smelting purposes.

Turn around and place a crafting table in the corner with a lantern on top of it. On the left side, create a small storage room with 2 double chests and add some spruce slabs on top of them. You’re done with the first floor!

Go to the second floor, place 2 beds in the corner with an armor stand next to it. On the left is the enchanting area with some bookshelves and an enchanting table.

Turn left, you can build more storage here with some chests and an anvil for smithing purposes. Then add some plants for the green color. Remember to put some carpets on the floor and lanterns on the ceiling for lighting purposes.

Turn around, you can build a small table with 2 chairs here with 1 oak fence, 1 gray carpet, and 2 spruce stairs. Finally, place a painting on top to finish the house!

And that’s how to build a house in Minecraft! You can dig down from the first floor to build the basement and the entrance to the mine, as well as expand the house for more rooms. Keep it simple, and happy building!