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How Many Chapters Are In Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Life Is Strange: True Colors
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Life Is Strange: True Colors, the third mainline game in the Life Is Strange series, sees Alex Chen head to Haven Colorado to start a new life, but as things always seem to play out in Square Enix’s hit franchise, things never turn out to be quiet so easy. Here we are though, new game, different studio, I bet you’re wondering how many chapters are there in Life Is Strange: True Colors…

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Well, although Life Is Strange: True Colors is no longer episodic, the game (developed by Before The Storm developer, Deck Nine) still fits the same 5 chapter format. “How long is it?” you ask? Well…

How Long Is Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Life is Strange: True Colors is approximately an 8-10-hour experience. If you’re cracking on with the story, without exploring the world and speaking to its inhabitants – doing side missions, and hunting for collectibles, etc. – then it’s possible you can complete it in the 6-8-hour window. On the flipside, if you’re looking for all the collectibles and trying to get all the achievements and trophies – and really just soaking in the music and what not – you’re probably looking at 10-12-hours. What if you want to get all the endings… well…

How Many Endings In Life Is Strange: True Colors?

According to Square Enix:

“There are 6 core endings, with different variations branching within them throughout the whole of Chapter 5, based on your choices and relationships throughout the game.”

“These various permutations have been developed to stray away from binary ending choices, with the entirety of Chapter 5 being the result of all your actions, interactions, and decisions. So, choose wisely!”


What Song Plays At The End of Chapter 2 in Life Is Strange: True Colors?

The song that plays at the end of Chapter 2, while on the bridge in Haven, is actually uncredited in the game’s credits and not present on the game’s official Spotify list. Heck, it doesn’t even show up in Shazam, but we have confirmed with Square Enix that the track is called ‘Hold On To’ by Angus & Julia Stone, and unfortunately it is yet to be released. However, that could change soon, so watch this space!

The lyrics in the song go “How do I say I love you the day I let you go. How do I change all of the pain and tears to joy. I won’t hold on to this place without you… How do I say I miss all the ways you made me smile. How do I show you I’ll survive all these trials… I will let you fly, I will say goodbye.”

For the full tracklist head here or for our playlist on Spotify, head here.

Life is Strange: True Colors

on Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S

Release Date:

10 September 2021