Honkai Star Rail – how to level up fast

Honkai Star Rail – how to level up fast
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Levelling up fast in Honkai Star Rail is crucial if you want to challenge tougher fights and get more out of the game. There are two types of levels you’ll want to pay attention to in Honkai Star Rail. The first is your character’s level, which rises from one to 80.

Your characters will reach a maximum level, and when this happens you need to ascend them to increase their level cap to continue levelling them. The next, and more important level to consider, is your overall Trailblaze Level.

Trailblaze Level lets you access new content and tougher difficulties, such as in the Cavern of Corrosion which is where you get Relics in Honkai Star Rail. If you want more information, check out our guide on the characters in Honkai Star Rail to familiarise yourself.

How to raise Trailblaze Level fast

Several actions can give you Trailblaze Experience, which is the primary resource you need to reach the next Trailblaze Level. The best way to get Trailblazer Experience is by completing the main story quest, which will be ongoing and added to as new updates come out.

Daily Missions are also an excellent source of experience and a daily reward of 60 Stellar Jades. Outside of this, playing the game and grinding for Level books, Light Cone upgrade materials, Ascension and Trace materials, and doing other activities that cost Trailblaze Power will net you plenty of Trailblaze Experience.

At some point in Honkai Star Rail, you will be locked out of the next story quest due to your Trailblaze Level being too low. If you’ve hit this barrier and want to know how to get through Trailblaze Levels fast, there are several activities you can do to boost your way through the levels.

The following objectives will help you get Trailblazer EXP:

  • Trailblazer Missions
  • Companion Missions
  • Daily Training
  • Calyx (Golden), completing the Bud of Memories, the Bud of Aether, and the Bud of Treasure will net you plenty of Trailblaze EXP.
  • Adventure Missions
  • Opening treasure chests
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Trailblaze EXP comes naturally

You shouldn’t worry too much about keeping on top of your Trailblaze Level. As you play the game, it is natrually progressed as you do more. One of the better ways to do this in the early game is to farm the Calyx (Golden) for Level books and the Aether Light Cone level materials.

Ways to increase your Trailblaze Level

One of the best ways to get Trailblaze EXP is to complete the daily missions in your Interastral Guide. These are effectively Honkai’s version of Commissions, and completing objectives for it will grant you 60 Stellar Jade and a bunch of Trailblazer EXP. The higher your Trailblaze Level, the more EXP you get each time you clear these missions. They refresh each day, so make sure you’re doing them.

Simulated Universe is another way to get Trailblaze EXP fast. Complete Worlds on increasingly high difficulties to get a bonus of Trailblaze EXP for each one you complete. Raising your Trailblaze Level will also unlock harder difficulties in the Simulated Universe.

Honkai Star Rail - image showing the Interastral Peace guide for Daily Missions

Arguably the best way to raise your level fast is to finish Trailblaze Missions. These are the main story quests and each quest entry has tons of EXP to dish out. You will naturally be led to these quests as you meaningfully progress in the game, and they are how you reach new areas and unlock new content.

If you need level-up books for your characters or upgrade materials for your Light Cones, then farming the Calyx (Golden) will help you with both of those and give you plenty of Trailblaze EXP for your troubles. This Calyx can be accessed fairly early in the game and will be a great way to farm levels when you start out.

When you want to start making your characters stronger, you will want to complete the various Stagnant Shadow instances that are available. You need to complete these to earn Character Ascension materials, which let you increase your character’s level caps.

How to level up fast in Honkai Star Rail

When it comes to levelling your characters, the best way without any competition is by using the character level-up books. There are three types of books: Travel Encounters, Adventure Log, and Traveler’s Guide books. You can get more of these books by completing quests, exploring, opening chests, and clearing the dedicated Calyx that gives you level books as a reward.

Character level on the right in Honkai Star Rail.

Use these books to boost your characters through their levels and then ascend them when they hit the current cap. To ascend characters, you will need to reach the appropriate Equilibrium Level that will let you ascend your character to the next level threshold. As an added bonus, you can kill two birds with one stone by farming level-up books in the Calyx (Golden) to get a hefty sum of Trailblaze EXP at the same time.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level explained

The Trailblaze Levels caps at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, and the maximum level is 70. When you reach one of these caps, you will unlock an Equilibrium Quest in your mission log. Complete this to raise your Equilibrium Level – if you’ve played Genshin, think of this as you’re World Level and Adventure Rank – which will also unlock the next phase of your characters, letting them reach a higher level through Character Ascension. Levelling fast in Honkai Star Rail happens fairly naturally, unlike in Genshin Impact.

Generally speaking, you should always increase your Equilibrium Level when you are able to. It does make encounters harder, so plan ahead and make sure you have a strong team that can tackle fights before making things difficult for yourself. If you are too under-levelled, you should prioritise getting your team levelled up and equipped with strong Relics.

That’s everything about Trailblaze Level and how to level up fast. Check out our other pages on Honkai Star Rail 1.3 release for the new content coming to the game. You can also take a look at our best Kafka build in Honkai Star Rail if you want to build Kafka.