Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

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Shadow launched during the January 2023 Xbox Developer_Direct showcase, Hi-Fi Rush offers a moreish mix of rhythm-based combat and 90s Saturday morning cartoon visuals. A delightful blend if you ask us, and one of 2023’s best early surprises.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with the rhythm coursing through Hi-Fi Rush’s world or need a few pointers to start Chai’s journey in style, we’ve compiled a short list of beginner’s tips and tricks.

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Dodge and Dash to the Beat in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush makes a point of stressing how important it is to attack to the beat. The same also applies to dodging and dashing. A dodge timed to the music not only gets you out of harm’s way (robots also attack to the beat) but allows you to chain two more dodges with no cooldown immediately afterward. A chain of dodges can be useful for closing ground to an enemy or to keep a combo multiplier going and the rhythm meter ticking along.

Destroy Crates and Barrels for Gears and Health

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Hi-Fi Rush tracks are littered with crates and barrels. Rather than just dressing, these contain health packs, batteries, and gears, so attack and break them any chance you get. They provide a steady stream of gears you can invest in upgrading Chai’s health and unlocking more devastating combos.

Use the Beat Visualizer If You’re Struggling to Keep Time

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Though Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm game, it does its best to welcome even those who have a hard time keeping time. The environment, billboards, signs, and your robot cat companion 808 strobe, sync, and pulse to the music to help you nail that sweet Just Timing. But if you need a bit more help, there’s also a visualizer you can bring up on-screen by pressing Tab on keyboard or the View button on controller. Doing so plants a pulsating bar at the bottom of the screen that marks every beat.


Despite its linear structure, Hi-Fi Rush hides many secret rooms and areas for you to find. Though it’s tempting to power through to reach the next fight, take the time to look around, and especially upwards, for concealed passageways and corridors. More often than not, these lead to a handy stack of gears and upgrade materials. You’ll also come across areas barred by flames or breakable doors. Don’t worry about these at first but revisit early levels once you’ve drafted in a helpful new companion to get past these later on.

Use Chai’s Grapple in Combat

Hi-Fi Rush Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

During Track 1, Chai unlocks the ability to use grapple points to hurl across gaps. Grapple’s utility doesn’t stop there. You can also grapple to enemies in combat to get up close in no time. If you’re gunning for an S rating, killing an enemy then immediately grappling to the next does wonders to keep your score up and clear time down.

Hi-Fi Rush Hint Robots

Throughout Hi-Fi Rush, especially the early levels, are robots with an exclamation mark above them. Interact with them whenever you can. These hint robots provide useful advice on the mechanics that make up Hi-Fi Rush and usually a short sparring session to get you up to speed.

There you have it, a few tips to get you started in Hi-Fi Rush. The best advice we can give is to try and find a flow state during combat encounters and if you lose the beat, take a moment to tune in and if it helps, tap away with your foot.

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