Is Helldivers 2 down? How to check maintenance and server status

Is Helldivers 2 down? How to check maintenance and server status
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Is Helldivers 2 down?

After a stellar performance on PlayStation and PC, the new cooperative shooter from Arrowhead Games shows no signs of slowing down. If you aren’t able to get into the game, read on to know if the servers are down and whether the problem is on your end.

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Are the Helldivers 2 servers down

As of February 20, 2024, Helldivers 2 servers are not down. The servers were getting an update as of February 20 at about 2:00 pm EST. This is according to an update from the CEO of Arrowhead Studios. It is to increase server load and it’s to help matchmaking. The update isn’t major, but it should alleviate everything.

Helldivers 2’s massive player count is currently held back by a 450,000-player cap on the server side. This places a limit on the concurrent players in the Arrowhead Game Studios title. You may experience some issues upon trying to get back in as everyone else does so at the same time, but the server maintenance is officially over so the issues shouldn’t be debilitating. Recent patches are supposed to help server capacity, login access, and progression and mission rewards, so any server issues should be cleared up soon. This should give Helldivers 2 the ability to handle more server traffic on PC.

There were some slowdowns during the launch on February 8, 2024, and it also underwent scheduled maintenance during the launch weekend (February 11, 2024). Players were notified via a post on X (formerly Twitter). This occurred as players reported connection and server load woes and were not able to receive their end-of-game rewards after operations.

Considering that many players would have entered its operations then, it makes sense that things are more stable now. Live server maintenance can be a drag but it ultimately ensures a better experience for gamers as patches fix reoccurring capacity issues and address server stability in a live environment.

What to do if Helldivers 2 is down for you

Here are some methods that can fix Helldivers 2 if you’re not able to play the game:

  • Remember that PlayStation players need a PS+ subscription to access its online components. So recheck if you’ve still got an active subscription.
  • Disable or reset your VPN. Since Helldivers 2 requires a constant internet connection, ensure that your network is stable and has a decent speed.
  • Check your Windows Firewall settings to ensure that they aren’t blocking Helldivers 2. This could prevent you from experiencing the game.
  • Some players have reported that staying in the game after gaining access lets you skip the queue later on. But we don’t recommend this as it prevents new players from entering the servers once the max cap is reached.

How to check Helldivers 2 server status

Their official social media page on X (formerly Twitter) is a good place to look for updates. They also have an official Discord server. Arrowhead Games can also be contacted via their support page. Sending a support ticket will let you ask for help regarding any error you may be facing.

That covers the Helldivers 2 server status. While server outages are frustrating, they ultimately improve the player experience. Its smart progression system and solid combat continue to reel in players across both PC and PS5. For more on the new shooter, check out Helldivers 2 single-player support if you want to play solo. We’ve also gone into its anti-cheat implementation if you want to learn more.

Helldivers 2 down FAQs

What is the best solution if the Helldivers 2 servers are offline?

Wait for them to come back online since it might not be your device’s fault.

Will a reinstall help if Helldivers 2’s servers are offline?

No, a server-side issue will still prevent you from playing the online game.