How to get Bath Salts in Hades 2 and use them

How to get Bath Salts in Hades 2 and use them
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✓ At a glance
  • You can get Bath Salts at rare digging spots and buy at the Wretched Broker for 50 Bones.
  • To use Bath Salts, restore the Hot Springs at the Crossroads with the Rite of Vapor-Cleansing incantation. It requires 2 Moly, 2 Lotus, and 2 Nightshade. 
  • Characters need gifts like Nectar and Twin Lures before agreeing to join you at the Hot Springs.

Bath Salts can help you become closer with characters at the Crossroads between runs. Doing so can help you access new dialogue and gain insights into their motivations and ambitions. Read on to learn where you can find Bath Salts, how to use them, and what you should do beforehand.

Hades 2 bath salts: A player checks out their inventory, highlighting the bath salts item. Image captured by VideoGamer.
This item can be found in your Indulgences section. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to find Bath Salts

To get Bath Salts, you’ll need to use the Silver Spade at digging spots or purchase them at the Wretched Broker. They cost 50 Bones each and you can only purchase one before each run. It’s rare to encounter Bath Salts on your runs so I recommend brewing the Summoning Of Mercantile Fortune at Hecate’s cauldron for 10 Bones. This invites the Wretched Broker to the Crossroads.

To use Bath Salts, restore the Crossroads Hot Springs with the Rite of Vapor-Cleansing incantation. It costs 2 Moly, 2 Lotus, and 2 Nightshade. Moly can be found in Erebus while Nightshade seeds can be dug out in the same region with the Silver Spade. As for Lotus, defeat Hecate and enter Oceanus’ region for it.

Hades 2 bath salts: Hecate speaks with the player at the Hot Springs. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Invite characters like Hecate over for a refreshing break. Image captured by VideoGamer.

What are Bath Salts used for?

Bath Salts are used to improve your relationships with characters at the Crossroads Hot Springs. Think of these relaxing baths as saunas that the ancient Greeks had a different outlook on. While you can’t invite allies right away, you can do so after giving them specific amounts of Nectar. This item can be earned as a chamber reward or by trading with the Wretched Broker for 30 Bones. The Empath’s Intuition incantation (1 Fate Fabric, 3 Myrtle) will unlock the Book of Shadows, useful for checking how close you are with characters.

Communal visits to the Hot Springs in Hades 2 will treat you to a cutscene where Melinoe relaxes with a character and becomes closer to them. These don’t have to be romantic in nature. 12 Whiles (instances of time) pass too, letting you harvest crops or get Charon’s deliveries. Here are the characters you can invite to the Hot Springs and what they need before that.

Dora1 Nectar
Odysseus1 Nectar
Hecate2 Nectar
Moros2 Nectar
Eris3 Nectar
Nemesis4 Nectar, 1 Twin Lures
A table on what characters need before inviting them to the Hot Springs.