How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

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There are so many great things about Overwatch 2 and many new achievements to unlock. One of the biggest and most popular features of Overwatch has always been cosmetics, chiefly skins for heroes and weapons, whether from the battle pass or gameplay. Among the best are Overwatch 2 golden weapons.

Here’s how to get golden weapons in Overwatch 2 on any platform, including PC, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles.

How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

How To Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2
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You might have already noticed some players proudly showing off golden weapons in matches. How did they get their hands on them? The answer is pretty simple and doesn’t require spending real-world money.

To begin, you’ll need to unlock Competitive Play, which requires playing and winning 50 Quick Play games. If you managed to secure level 25 or above in the first Overwatch, you’ll have access to Competitive Play immediately.

With Competitive unlocked, players must take part in the following Competitive Play modes to earn points:

  • Competitive Control
  • Competitive Escort
  • Competitive Hybrid
  • Competitive Push

From there, you’ll need to earn enough competitive points to unlock the golden weapon for your desired hero.

How to earn competitive points in Overwatch 2

In all of these game modes, you’ll receive competitive points based on your performance. 15 points are given per win in a competitive match, while a draw rewards 5 points. A loss will net you 0 points.

At the end of the season, you’ll receive a further haul of points, determined based on your rank, with the highest rank netting a larger haul of points. Here’s how many points are allocated per rank:

Top 500 1750

These points, known as CP, or Competitive Points, can be spent on golden guns. For a golden weapon, you’ll need exactly 3,000 points. Once you’ve acquired 3,000 points, you can purchase a golden weapon by visiting the Hero Gallery tab from the main menu and then clicking on the hero you want to give a golden weapon. From there, click on Weapons among the customization options, then click on Golden. You’ll be prompted to confirm. Do so to unlock the golden weapon for that specific hero.

Be ready to work

When you spend your CP on a golden weapon, it only unlocks the golden weapon for that specific hero. If you want to get the golden weapon for another hero, you’ll need to earn 3,000 more CP and purchase it.

From there, the golden weapon will be on your hero and you’re free to show off your hard work.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking golden weapons and earning competitive points in Overwatch 2. Be sure to check out how to rank up fast in Overwatch 2 for more competitive tips, and all Season 8 skins so you can spruce up your heroes even more.

Overwatch 2 golden weapons FAQs

How do you get a golden weapon in Overwatch 2?

Golden weapons can be unlocked by playing competitive play and earning competitive points. Once you have enough points, you can purchase the golden weapon and equip it for your hero.

How many CP are needed to unlock a golden weapon?

Each golden weapon requires 3,000 CP to unlock. This will need to be repeated for each hero, as you can’t unlock them all at once.

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