How To Get Wishes In Genshin Impact

How To Get Wishes In Genshin Impact
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Wishes are an important resource for players in Genshin Impact. It allows them to pull for characters and weapons that interest them, and so players are always looking for ways on how to get more wishes. There are two types of Wishes you can get in Genshin Impact: Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fates.

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Intertwined Fates can be used on the Character Event Wish and Weapon Banners. These banners feature specific units and weapons that have their rate up increased and are only available for a limited time. 

While there are chances for characters in these banners to rerun in the future, it is always difficult to determine how long that will be. And so, players who want specific characters and weapons must be wise about their use and stockpiling of Intertwined Fates.

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Acquaint Fates can be used in the Wanderlust Invocation, the Standard Banner, which is available all the time and has no time limit. This banner has no featured characters and have a balance chance for all standard characters and weapons

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Purchase in the Paimon Shop

Both Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates can be purchased in the Paimon Bargain’s Shop.

Five of each can be purchased every month for 75 Masterless Stardust each. 

You can also purchase an unlimited amount of both kinds of wishes with either 160 Primogems or 5 Masterless Starglitter.

Players can earn Primogems by participating in events or doing daily commissions. Those who can afford it can also directly purchase Primogems with Genesis Crystals. However, players are unable to directly obtain Masterless Stardust and Starglitter. 

They are only given through wishing on banners. Players receive 15 Masterless Stardust when they pull a 3 star weapon on banners. Players will also get a varying amount of Masterless Starglitter when they pull a character or weapon that they already own.

Battle Pass

A total of 5 Acquaint

Fates are awarded for reaching certain levels of the base Battle Pass.

Purchasing the Gnostic Hymn will grant additional awards and give the player a total of 4 Intertwined Fates and 680 Primogems.

Tree Offering Systems

The Sacred Sakura of Inazuma also awards a significant amount of wishes. Maxing out the level of the Sacred Sakura will award players with a total of 10 Intertwined Fates and 20 Acquaint Fates.

The Tree of Dreams in Sumeru also gives similar rewards. At the moment, reaching level 30 of the Vanarana’s Favor nets the player a total of 6 Intertwined Fates and 12 Acquaint Fates.


Occasionally, Mihoyo has login events, such as the Passage of Clouds and Stars,  that award the player with Intertwined Fates simply for logging in during a certain time frame. They usually give players 10 Intertwined Fates.

Adventure Rank Rewards

Whenever you increase your Adventure Rank, you can head to the Adventurer’s Guild to collect some nifty rewards. Commonly these rewards include some Mora, Fragile Resin and Acquaint Fates.

Ascending Characters

All characters that join your roster will provide 1 Acquaint Fate when they reach Ascension Phases 1, 3 and 5, for a total of 3 Acquaint Faters per character.

And those are the possible sources of wishes in Genshin Impact. Some of them are renewable like the monthly wishes in the shop while some of them are one time only like the rewards from the trees.