Genshin Impact – the best team compositions for Nahida

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Looking for the best Nahida team compositions in Genshin Impact? Nahida is the Dendro Archon and all-round powerhouse of a character who can serve as your Main DPS, sub-DPS, or simple support.

Serving as the vessel of the Lesser Lord Kusanali, she is a strong Catalyst user who can fit into a bunch of teams, all of which benefit greatly from her Dendro capabilities. Simply put, Nahida will fit any Dendro Reaction team as either an on-field Enabler or an off-field Support.

She pairs extremely with Electro characters, thanks to how Dendro-Electro reactions trigger and increase DPS. For more Genshin, read our best weapons for Nahida guide and where to find Nahida’s Talent materials. Now, these are the best teams for Nahida in Genshin Impact.

Best Team Comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact

Nahida holding the Mappa Mare weapon in Genshin Impact
Nahida holding the Mappa Mare weapon in Genshin Impact (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Nahida can be your Main DPS or a sub-DPS. She has excellent utility both on and off the field, meaning you can get a ton of use out of her regardless of whether you use her to trigger your reactions off-field or as your main DPS. Archon characters are typically this versatile, so it should be no surprise Nahida can perform extremely well in any role.

The below Nahida team comps are our suggestions and in no particular order. Without a doubt, these are the best team comps for Nahida.

1. Nahida team comps – Hyperbloom

Best team comps for Nahida: The party screen showing a team comp
Best teams for Nahida in Genshin Impact (Image taken by VideoGamer)

In a Hyperbloom team, your goal is to use Hydro and Dendro to create Dendro Particles and then use Electro to activate them for high-damage output. Due to Nahida’s Dendro abilities, you could run this team in multiple ways. 

KokomiMain DPS + Healer
RaidenSupport / Sub-DPS
KazuhaSupport / Sub-DPS
NahidaDendro Support
Nahida team comps for Hyperbloom in Genshin Impact

Raiden has excellent Electro application, and she works off-field with her Skill, which is perfect in supporting Nahida as your main DPS or just as another support. Hyperbloom relies on hitting Dendro Cores with Electro, and the resulting reaction causes the cores to home in on enemies and deals a ton of damage.

Thanks to how Kazuha groups enemies, and how Raiden’s Skill triggers coordinated Electro attacks, you will have a whirlwind of pain in store for your foes. Kokomi as the main DPS will help you all keep healed up, but this will be heavily reliant on her being in her Burst mode.


First, you should begin with Raiden Shogun and use her Skill to gain the Electro attacks. Then you want to group your enemies up with Kazuha using his Skill, then change to Kokomi for her Skill and then switch to Nahida and use her Skill and Burst. This will set everything going and you can then Burst with Kokomi or Raiden, but keep up with the elemental application.

Once the Hyperbloom is on, it will deal a massive amount of damage. Then you can switch to Nahida and keep applying Dendro with her attacks which will trigger Raiden’s Electro DMG to kick in. Equally, you could Burst with Nahida and then switch to Kokomi and use her Burst to get healing, Electo Reactions, and more DPS. Kazuha is there to group everyone, which will also help you hit the Dendro Cores with Electro.

Substitute composition

If you don’t have the above characters, you can use these as substitutes to still make the most out of the team.

Raiden ShogunFischl, Kuki Shinobu, Beidou, Lisa
KokomiBarbara, Xingqiu, Yelan
Nahida team comps for Hyperbloom in Genshin Impact

2. Nahida team comps – Nilou Bloom

Genshin Impact nahida team comps: The party screen line-up
The party screen line-up showing Nilou, Kirara, and Kokomi (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Nahida can fit into a Nilou Bloom team with ease since Nilou requires only Dendro and Hydro characters to get the most out of her kit. As Nilou, your Dendro Cores will become Bountiful Cores, and they deal increased damage and have a larger radius.

NilouMain DPS / Bountiful Cores Enabler
Dendro Traveler or KiraraDendro Enabler / Sub-DPS
NahidaDendro Sub DPS
KokomiMain DPS / Healer
Best teams for Nahida in Nilou Bloom in Genshin Impact

Aside from Nahida, Nilou is the main focus of this build due to her passive which lets her increase Dendro core damage. Nilou has excellent Hydro application which will help you create more Bountiful Cores.

For this team, you want to run a complete Elemental Mastery build on Nahida. The only major disadvantage of this team is you’ll take a ton of Bloom damage in the process, and healing through that will be a hassle. That’s where Kokomi’s healing and Kirara’s Shield will help you survive.


As far as rotations go, the perfect way to start is by using Nilou’s Elemental Skill to get the aura appear around your main character. Then switch to your Dendro characters and start creating Cores. The best setup for this team is using Kirara’s Skill while the aura is active. Drive around into enemies while in your cat-car state and watch as the devastation unfolds. While Nahida’s Burst and Skill are active, you can use Kokomi’s Burst and Skill to restore party HP when needed.

Substitute composition

These characters can be used as substitutes if you don’t have any in the table above. Nilou is irreplaceable in this team, as she is the only character who can produce Bountiful Cores. With Nilou, you will always need Dendro and Hydro characters, otherwise her passive won’t work.

Dendro TravelerCollei, Kirara
Best teams for Nahida in Nilou Bloom in Genshin Impact
✓ jack’s opinion

Kirara should be your top pick

Not everyone has Kirara, but ever one playing Genshin will have Dendro Traveler. If you happen to jave Kirara, you should always use her in Nilou Bloom comps since her Skill provides a shield and has outstanding Dendro application to create more cores.

3. Nahida team comps – Aggravate

Nahida best team comps in Genshin: Keqing, Fischl, and Zhongli
Nahida best teams for Aggravate in Genshin Impact (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Now let’s talk about building an Aggravate team with Nahida. The Aggravate reaction is triggered when you apply Electro to an enemy who has been Quickened by the Dendro element. Quicken itself is triggered by combining Dendro with Electro.

KeqingMain DPS
FischlOff-field Electro enabler
NahidaSub-DPS Dendro
Best teams for Nahida in Aggravate comps (Image taken by VideoGamer)

This team mainly relies on Keqing being able to deal lots of Electro Reactions on-field to trigger Aggravate. Keqing is perfect for this party thanks to her Electro Infusion, low Burst cost, and fast Elemental Skill. This makes Keqing a perfect candidate for an Electro Enabler in an Aggravate-based Nahida team.

The roles in this team are pretty divided. Keqing is the main source of on-field Electro damage, while Nahida deals spread damage and also enables Aggravate with her wide array of Dendro application. Fischl will be dealing tons of Electro damage off-field with her Skill while Zhongli will keep you all safe without a healer. Nahida’s abilities will also deal a solid chunk of damage to the enemies, and she can easily be used as an on-field DPS character if you want to give Keqing a rest.


For this team, you want to start with Zhongli’s Shield. Then, Keqing’s Skill to apply electro, following up with Dendro from Nahida to link enemies together. Then bring Fischl onto the field to use her Skill and then switch back to Keqing for her Skill and Burst.

Substitute composition

The best replacement for Keqing in this team as an on-field Electro-damage source is Cyno or Beidou. Kazuha works well in this team to help group enemies and shred resistances, but it is a toss-up between him and Zhongli. Fischl is great in this team, but if you don’t have her you should use Kuki Shinobu.

KeqingCyno, Beidou, Lisa
ZhongliKazuha, Sucrose
FischlKuki Shinobu
Best teams for Nahida in Aggravate comps

4. Nahida team comps – Burgeon

Nahida best team comps in Genshin Impact: Kokomi, Xingqiu, and Thoma in the party menu.
Nahida best team comps in Genshin Impact (Image taken by VideoGamer)

In Genshin Impact, if you apply Pyro to Dendro Cores, it triggers explosions which are known as Burgeon Reactions. These deal a ton of damage inside the explosion radius to both enemies and your party members.

NahidaDendro Enabler
KokomiHealer, Hydro Enabler
XingqiuDPS, Hydro Enabler
ThomaBurgeon Enabler, Shielder
Team comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact

Burgeons team don’t have to actively keep thinking about rotations, because all you’re doing is applying Pyro to your Dendro Cores. Thoma is one of the core characters of this composition due to his ability to generate Shields. You’ll be using Thoma to trigger Burgeon while also shielding your team from the damage.

You’ll also be relying on Kokomi to provide healing to your team and Xingqiu for single-target damage to enemies. That said, Nahida will stay on-field to generate the Blooms continuously in tandem with Xingqiu’s Burst. Burning won’t be an issue simply due to the high Hydro output of your team.


For rotations, we recommend using Kokomi’s Elemental skill, followed by Nahida’s Elemental skill and Burst. Then Switch over to Xingqiu and use his Elemental Skill, Burst, and then another skill if you’re using a Sacrificial Sword. Then you want Thoma’s Elemental Skill and Burst in the mix to trigger Burgeon.

Then switch to Nahida to spam her normal attacks. In between Nahida’s normal attacks, switch over to Kokomi and use her Elemental Burst to refresh the Jellyfish before the time is up. Rinse and repeat, and hopefully, you’ll have the full uptime on Kokomi’s Jellyfish for the next rotation.

Substitute Composition

You can substitute Thoma for Yoimiya, who can also reliably trigger Burgeon with her Elemental Burst. Yoimiya in a Dendro team works well because of her passive attack buffs while her Burst is active. If you choose to run Thoma for Shield, you can replace Kokomi with some other Hydro, like Yelan or Barbara. Although we definitely recommend Kokomi over Barbara.

ThomaXinyan, Yanfei
Team comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact

That’s all you need to know about the best team comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact. For more, make sure you read our guides covering Kujou Sara’s best builds, Raiden Shogun Talent materials, and the best builds for Bennett.

Best team comps for Nahida FAQs

What is the best role for Nahida?

Nahida shines as a main or sub DPS, and also as a support character. She is versatile and fits into many team comps.

Can Nahida be my on-field Dendro character?

Yes! Nahida can hold her own as the on-field character triggering reactions, but it depends on your setup. You need a lot of off-field skills from your party to make this work.

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