How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take On PC and Mobile

How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take On PC and Mobile
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Genshin Impact has been increasing in popularity over its two years of running. Each update brings new and exciting content that keeps it fresh for old and new players alike. Some of these content comes in the form of limited time events or festivals. While other content is a constant expansion of the map of Teyvat

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On its initial release, the only available areas in Genshin Impact were the rustic hills of Mondstadt and the lively areas of Liyue. Over the course of its run time, Genshin Impact slowly introduced areas such as Dragonspine, Inazuma, Enkanomiya, The Chasm. The latest release being Sumeru and its deserts.

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PC and Mobile Storage Space

With all that said, the storage requirement for Genshin Impact keeps increasing over time as more of Teyvat is slowly revealed to the players. As of Version 3.2 in November 2022, Genshin Impact takes up a whopping 72.5 GB on PC and it takes around 17.9GB on mobile.

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Fans are concerned with the future size of the game as regions such as Fontaine, Natlan and Snezhnaya still remain to be released. Mihoyo has heard the comments from players and has taken some steps to address this issue.

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They have given players the option to remove certain files that may no longer be necessary from their games to make up some space. One of them is the option to remove the voice-over files for the languages you don’t use, which greatly saves up some space as each language takes up around 8-9GB of space.

Time can only tell how much larger Genshin will grow and what steps Mihoyo will take to address this.