All Fortnite Mending Machine locations – how to purchase Patch Up service

All Fortnite Mending Machine locations – how to purchase Patch Up service
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Mending Machines

  • Mending Machines can generally be found at gas stations, in towns or at piers
  • Not every potential location is guaranteed to have a Mending Machine every game
  • There are two NPCs that offer Patch Ups alongside Mending Machines

If you’re in the middle of a game of Fortnite and are finding yourself low on health, then what you need is to make your way over to a Mending machine. These vendors can sell you a few items to get your health and shields back up to full so you can get back to earning that victory royale.

It’s also pretty common to see Mending Machines as part of a weekly challenge, so if you don’t want to beat around the bush searching for one on your own, we’ve got the location of every Mending Machine in the current season so you can go straight there.

Fortnite Mending Machines: Every potential Mending Machine spawn point on the Fortnite map.
Every dot on this map is a location where a Mending Machine can potentially spawn. Image captured by VideoGamer

All Mending Machine locations in Fortnite

For the most part, Mending Machines can be found at any of the gas stations around the Fortnite map, as they are always guaranteed to have at least one kind of vending machine next to them. You can check the map above for a look at every possible location that a Mending Machine can spawn.

Be aware, however, that just because a Mending Machine can spawn at each of these locations, it is not guaranteed. In each game, every Mending Machine has a random chance of spawning as a Weapon-o-Matic instead, providing guns instead of healing items.

What are Mending Machines in Fortnite?

Mending Machines are a type of vending machine that can dispense several types of healing and shield items in exchange for gold bars. Here is a list of everything you can currently buy from a Mending Machine and how much it costs:

  • Medkit – 50 gold bars
  • Patch Up – 100 gold bars
  • Shield Potion – 120 gold bars

If you’re only in need of a quick heal, then a nearby campfire might be a better option, as could the Aspect of Siphon if you want a consistent way of healing. But if it’s shields you’re after, a Mending Machine is the perfect place to head as you can get a couple of Shield Potions from any you come across.

Fortnite Mending Machines: A player standing in front of Peely on top of a grassy hill in Fortnite.
Peely is one of two NPCs that can give you a heal in exchange for gold bars. Image captured by VideoGamer

All Patch Up NPC locations in Fortnite

As well as Mending Machines, you can visit Patch Up NPCs who will offer you the same Patch Up service that you can get from Mending Machines. Currently, there are two NPCs who offer this service. These are:

  • Katara – Found on a hilltop at the very southeast of the snowy region
  • Peely – At a campsite located directly to the south of Restored Reels

Unfortunately, if you have a quest requiring you to visit a Mending Machine, visiting one of these Patch Up NPCs will not complete that quest for you. You’ll instead have to make your way to one of the actual vending machines.

How to purchase Patch Up service in Fortnite

If you need to purchase a Patch Up service, either just because you need healing or to complete a quest, it’s pretty easy to do. All you need to do is find a Mending Machine or one of the Patch Up NPCs in the game and interact with them. Then, select the Patch Up service option, and as long as you have enough gold bars, you’ll receive the service – that’s all you need to know!