How to beat Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How to beat Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Are you prepared to take down the King Flan that is preventing you from getting your next Protorelic? Gears and Gambits is a strange minigame that plays similar to a tower defence except you are trying to destroy the tower. It is both a fun and frustrating experience so get ready. Here is how to beat Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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How to beat the King Flan in Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The King Flan is a difficult minigame boss. The key to defeating this foe is to send out robots that match the weakness of the enemies sent out by the King Flan. Doing this will let you destroy the mini enemies more easily so you can attack the King Flan directly. If you manage to take down this foe within the time limit, you win.

How to play Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – mechanics explained

Gears and Gambits is a minigame that you must complete to get the Cosmo Canyon Protorelic in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. When you start up this side quest, you will be brought to the main menu of the minigame where you will learn the basics.

In this game, you must use your three robots to get past the King Flan’s defences and destroy it. When the boss is defeated, you win. Let’s break down how to get set up in this game and beat your foe.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gears and gambits: Robot selection menu for gears and gambits minigame.
Edit your robots to have different elemental affinities. Image captured by VideoGamer

In the main menu, you will see your three robots. At first, you will only be able to use the three basic bots but this will change as you complete the different minigames. Each robot has an elemental shot, a normal attack, and three additional commands that you can set. Select your robots and equip them with different parameters to match your current level of play. You can have your bots auto-heal with Regenga, use different abilities like gravity shots or missiles, or even set themselves to cost less.

Using the right and left triggers, you can choose your portal skills. These allow you to use special abilities to aid your robots during the game such as Regenga, Aeroga, Comet, and more. Once you have set up your robots, activate the minigame using the options button.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gears and gambits: Player summoning robot to attack smaller flan enemy
A player engages in a boss battle in a video game featuring a timer, health bars, and various combat options at the heart of Cosmo Canyon. Image captured by VideoGamer

The key to getting past the Boss’ minions in Gears and Gambits is to send out robots that match their weaknesses. You can see a Flan’s weakness on top of its health bar. In the image above, the Flan’s weakness is lightning so you will want to send out a lightning robot to defeat it.

Use the D-Pad to select the type of robot that you want to send out. You can only send out a robot if you have the energy for it. Your current energy can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen. This bar increases as the game progresses similar to the ATB bar in Fort Condor.

There are three portals that all share the same health. Your portal health is shown in the bottom right of the screen. You can use the R2 and L2 buttons to change which portal you are using at any time. Press the triangle button to use your powerful abilities and aid your robots. You can only use each of your abilities once. When the boss is defeated, you will be done with this challenge. Some of these areas will also offer some backstory for Wedge so if you want to know more about this character, complete all the minigames.

This is not the only Protorelic that you will need to complete tasks for. Others like the Gongaga Protorelic require you to perform various combat actions.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Gears and Gambits – FAQ

How do you set parameters for your robots in Gears and Gambits?

You can set parameters for your robots in the main menu of the minigame. Select your robots and select the pathway. You can then select what actions you want them to take when certain things happen.

How many Protorelic pieces are in the Cosmo Canyon region of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

There are four Protorelic pieces. This means you will need to beat the minigame four times to collect them all.