FC 24 Pacey Winger II Evolution – Best players to upgrade and how to complete

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A new promo means a new EVO, and the FC 24 Pacey Winger II Evolution is available now. Find out how to complete the upgrade and the best player’s for the job below.

The new FC 24 FC Pro Live promo has taken over in FC 24 Ultimate Team. As is new norm, EVOs are part of the event, and you can keep track of them all in one place with our FC 24 Best Evolution Players page.

For now though, find out everything you need to know about the latest evolution below.

How to complete Pacey Winger II Evolution

Completing the free Pacey Winger II Evolution will take you a minimum of nine matches. These will need to be completed in Rivals or Champions too, so no easy Squad Battles grind!

Despite there being no cost for the EVO, you will be able to add two new PlayStyles to your chosen player, as well as healthy upgrades to their pace attributes.

Level 1 – Overall +2, Pace +4, Passing +4, Dribbling +2, PlayStyle Rapid

  • Assist 5 goals using your active EVO player in Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on min. Semi-Pro.
  • Play 5 Rivals or Champions matches, using your active EVO player in game.

Level 2 – Overall +2, Pace +4, Shooting +3, Dribbling +2, Physical +4, PlayStyle Quick Step

  • Score 5 goals using your active EVO player in Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on min. Semi-Pro.
  • Win 4 Rivals or Champions matches, using your active EVO player in game.
  • Win 3 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches by at least 2 goals on min. Semi-Pro, using your active EVO player in game.

Expiry Date: December 17

Best players for Pacey Winger II Evolution

The player you pick for this upgrade must fit the following criteria:

Attribute CategoryRequirements
OverallMaximum 81
PaceMaximum 82
PassingMaximum 80
DribblingMaximum 85
PhysicalMaximum 75
PlayStylesMaximum 8

Take a look at who we recommend below.

Mike’s Advice

Don’t rush into a hasty decision. EVOs can be combined and there have been some hidden gems available for those who are patient. Upgrading a lower-rated card can add more PlayStyles to your player without them breaching the maximum overall.

Leandro Trossard (OVR 81)

If you picked Axel Witsel in your FC 24 Season 2 season progress rewards, then Leandro Trossard could be the right man for this upgrade.

Our friends at EasySBC, have highlighted Trossard as the top player for this EVO, awarding him a 86.9 meta rating. Quick with excellent dribbling and shooting stats, Trossard is the real deal.

Alex Berenguer (OVR 80)

Athletic Bilbao’s Alex Berenguer is a proper out and out winger. Alternate positions of LM and RM allow the Spaniard to slot seamlessly into your team.

A Hunter style will boost him to 98 Pace, and he also has the Finesse Shot and Trivela PlayStyles to boot.

Giacomo Raspadori (OVR 79)

Italian forward Giacomo Raspadori may seem like a left-field choice, but trust us, he isn’t. With a Hunter style, Raspadori boasts 97 Pace and 91 Finishing, not bad for a winger!

He also possesses the Finesse Shot PlayStyle already, and we know that is one of the meta styles in FC 24. For us though, his most exciting stat is his five-star weak foot. Deadly from either side.

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