Fallout 76 mutations – All mutations in the Wasteland

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Are you looking for all mutations in Fallout 76? Do you want to infect your character with one of the game’s many mutations? Whether you are dealing with melee attackers, want to manage your AP, or increase your health, there is a mutation for everything.

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There are a lot of mutations that you can get in Fallout 76. Unfortunately, it’s usually random which ones you get and lose. Here is everything you need to know about mutations in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Mutations List

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There are 19 mutations that you can get in Fallout 76. Each of these has positive and negative effects that will help and hinder your character. Keep this in mind before deciding to mutate yourself.

MutationPositive EffectNegative Effect
Adrenal ReactionIncreases weapon damage when health is lowDecreases max HP by 50
Bird Bones+4 Agility (AGI), reduces fall speed and fall damage-4 Strength (STR), take extra limb damage
CarnivoreEating meat provides double the hunger satisfaction, HP restoration, and consumable buffs. No chance of disease from eating meatEating plants does not satisfy hunger, restore HP, or apply buffs
ChameleonTurn invisible outside of combat when standing still and unarmored———
Eagle Eyes+4 Perception (PER), +50% critical damage-4 STR
Egg Head+6 Intelligence (INT)-3 STR, – 3 Endurance (END)
Electrically ChargedChance to shock melee attackersSmall amount of damage done to player
EmpathTeammates take 25% less damageYou take 33% more damage
Grounded+100 Energy Resistance-50% energy damage
Healing Factor+300% health regeneration while not in combat-55% Chem effects
HerbivoreEating plant-based food provides double the hunger satisfaction, HP restoration, and consumable buffs. No chance of disease from eating meatEating meat does not satisfy hunger, restore HP, or apply buffs
Herd Mentality+2 to all SPECIAL stats while in a group-2 to all SPECIAL stats while playing solo
MarsupialIncreased jump height, +20 carry weight-4 INT
Plague WalkerPoison Aura scaling with each diseaseOnly works while diseased
Scaly Skin+50 damage resistance, +50 energy resistance-50 AP
Speed Demon+20% faster movement speed, +20% faster reload speed+50% drain on hunger and thirst while moving
Talons+25% unarmed damage, deal bleed damage-4 AGI
Twisted Muscles +25% melee damage, chance to cripple limbs-50% gun accuracy
Unstable IsotopeChance to irradiate melee attackersMinor damage to player

How to get mutations in Fallout 76

There are a few ways to get Mutations in Fallout 76. For starters, there is a chance for you to get a mutation each time you take radiation damage. You will receive rads from creatures that attack you and by standing in radiation zones such as places with radioactive waste or nuclear fallout. You will know if you received a mutation because it will appear on your screen. You can view more information about the mutation by going to the effects page in your Pip-Boy menu.

The other method of getting Mutations is by infecting yourself through the use of a mutation serum. These are often purchased but can also be a reward for completing certain quests and events.

Where to purchase Mutation Serums in Fallout 76

If you want to purchase Mutation Serums in Fallout 76, you can do so by visiting the Science MODUS Terminal in Whitespring Bunker. You can also purchase these serums from player vendors if you visit their camp.

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The MODUS science terminal becomes available near the end of the main campaign. Once you get access to Whitespring Bunker, head to the Science Wing to find the terminals. You can also purchase the serum recipes from the terminal.

Lessen the effects of Mutations

The negetive effects of mutations can be lessened by using Serums. Each time you use a Mutation Serum, the negative effect of the mutation you used will be lessened for an hour. Afterward, the effect will go back to normal unless you have a specific perk.

Depending on your Charisma, the cost of Mutation Serums can vary from around 3,500 Caps to 5,000 Caps. The recipes can range from 18,000 to 20,000 Caps.

How to remove mutations in Fallout 76

You can remove Mutations by getting rid of your Rads. This can be done in two ways; by using RadAway or by going through a radiation sprayer. RadAway is the quickest way to get rid of Rads. Each use of RadAway gives you a chance of losing one mutation that you currently have. Multiple uses may be required to remove a single mutation.

The effects of Mutations can be eliminated for a short period of time by taking Rad-X. This will remove the effect of all mutations that you currently have. You can prevent yourself from getting irradiated by using a Hazmat Suit while exploring the wasteland.

Best Perk Cards for Mutations in Fallout 76

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There are some perk cards that you can use to suppress the negative effects of Mutations as well as prevent yourself from mutating. The following perks are a must if you plan on using mutations:

  • Class Freak – Reduces the negative effects of mutations by up to 75%.
  • Starched Genes – Prevents you from mutating from radiation and prevents RadAway from curing mutations.

Even when you have the Class Freak perk card active, you can hide mutations through the suppression effects of Rad-X. Thanks to these perks the removal chance of mutations becomes zero, allowing these semi-permanent effects to become permanent.

That is everything you need to know about mutations in Fallout 76. Be sure to also check out how to use VATS in Fallout 76. You might also want to know how to change your player icon.

Fallout 76 Mutations – FAQ

How do you get mutations in Fallout 76?

You can get mutations by standing in irradiated areas such as those created by nukes, getting hit by enemies, eating, drinking, touching petrified corpses, and more. There is a medium chance of getting mutated with each Rad you receive.

How do you get rid of mutations in Fallout 76?

You can remove mutations by using RadAway. If you want to suppress mutations, you can do so with Rad-X.

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