Fallout 76 Garden Gnome locations – find them to finish challenges

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Fallout 76 Garden Gnome locations

  • Check the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center, the south of Huntersville, and The General’s Steakhouse to get Garden Gnomes quickly. 
  • Use a private server if other players get to these locations first.

Garden Gnomes might not seem like a big deal in Fallout 76 until you’re tasked with finding them. If you’ve got a daily or weekly challenge to clear, we’ve got all the garden gnome locations for you.

Fallout 76 Garden Gnomes: Two gnomes with bottles sit together in the game. Image via Bethesda Studios.
Catch two Gnomes up to some mischief. Image via Bethesda Studios.

All Fallout 76 Garden Gnome locations

Garden Gnomes are scattered across Appalachia in Fallout 76. While they come in red and blue variants, they’re treated the same when it comes to the game’s challenges. Some challenges even offer Atoms for the Atomic Shop. They provide 1 Ceramic and 3 Concrete when scrapped. Here’s where you can find Garden Gnomes in Fallout 76:

  • You can find 2 Garden Gnomes at the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center. There’s one inside the greenhouse and one in the basement.
  • Head west from Hornwright testing site #2 and you can find Garden Gnomes in a grave next to a golf truck. You can find more Garden Gnomes in the destroyed vehicle and in the surrounding area.
  • There are 8 Garden Gnomes to the south of Huntersville in a garden. One of them will be burying a Jangles as the others watch from the Outhouse.
  • Players can also find 4 Garden Gnomes behind The General’s Steakhouse alongside lawn flamingos.
  • Outside Watoga train station, there’s a Garden Gnome on the patio table. You can also find some in the stands at Watoga Civic Center and in the jury box below the Watoga Mayors’ Office. There’s one on the top of Watoga High School and one near the Super Duper Mart vendor.
  • You can find a Garden Gnome outside the entrance of Valley Galleria, buying alcohol.
  • Flatwoods’ community garden has a Garden Gnome on a shelf in the fertilizer shack.
  • There are more Garden Gnomes at R&G Station in the caravan, Cow Spots Creamery, Wixon homestead, Big Fred’s BBQ Shack, Rollins labor camp, Lakeside Cabins, outside Sutton Station, Yellow Sandy’s still, State Route 95 (southwest of Slocum’s Joe), and the eastern camp at Top of the World (partway down the ski lift).

Why can’t I find Garden Gnomes in these locations?

Since the game is hosted on servers with other players, there’s a chance that someone else got here first. You can resolve this issue by using a private server to get the Garden Gnomes. As for the 3 Garden Gnomes on top of a caravan outside Monongah Mine, you can’t interact with them so don’t bother fighting the enemies around them.

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