How to get a hero in Fabledom

How to get a hero in Fabledom
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✓ At a glance
  • Hero is a special resident of your Fabledom town who can take on unique challenges around the map.
  • Getting a hero is locked behind a milestone that enables you to build hero quarters.
  • Don’t neglect to equip your hero with some of the items that you found and boost their stats.

Throughout your map in Fabledom, you’ll stumble upon certain items and areas which can only be inspected by a hero. Referred to as encounters, these can range from lost shoes to abandoned graveyards, unexpected visitors, and your town’s magic beanstalk. No matter the size of your population, the job is left to a single qualified resident. 

While other Fablings will arrive in town and request residence on their own, heroes won’t come knocking on your door. Rather, there’s a specific structure you’ll need to unlock and build to welcome your kingdom’s protector. From there, your hero will gain experience by going on missions, helped along by a solid build. Let’s break down how to get a hero in Fabledom and the best build to work with. 

How to unlock hero quarters

To get a hero in Fabledom, you’ll first need to unlock the hero quarters. You’ll effectively gain access to this structure once you reach the Village population milestone, marked by housing 30 residents in your realm. Other useful structures are included in this upgrade, too, like the stone quarry and windmill, but you’ll also need to make increased payments to the family fund moving forward.  

A game screen displaying a milestone reached in Fabledom. The reward section shows resources and unlocked buildings: Fisherman hut, Woodcutter, Stone quarry, and Barn. The background depicts a charming village scene, making you wonder how to get a hero for your growing settlement.
With this milestone, we’re finally ready to build hero quarters. Captured by VideoGamer

Pros and cons aside, unlocking the hero quarters alone won’t bring a hero to your town. To get one, you’ll need to build the camp in full. Fortunately, this requires just 10 planks. With a sawmill up and running, you’ll have the resources you need in no time. From there, assigned laborers will take care of construction, and you’ll be notified of the project’s completion and your hero’s arrival. 

Your new hero will be assigned automatically once the structure is built. From there, you can proceed to control and equip the hero after a short tutorial message.

Best starting hero build

  • Hat: Careful Straw Hat 
  • Trinket: Essence of Balance 

When you first gain access to your hero in Fabledom, you can equip several items from your existing armory. Between the two hats at your disposal, you’ll want to start with the Careful Straw Hat. This will grant a boost to your hero’s base health and regeneration, which comes in handy while gaining experience at the Arena of Trials. 

Fergus is equipped to face anything. Captured by VideoGamer

While the attack bonus offered by the alternative armour is decent, Fergus will need the extra health, the reason being you’ll need to cough up 300 coins to resurrect your hero should he die during a spawn wave. Plus, you’ll gain the same attack bonus and an all-around boost to Fergus’ base stats by equipping the Essence of Balance trinket. 

Using your hero 

A screenshot of a Fabledom simulation game interface with a village layout, character stats, quests, and resource icons. The game highlights a character named Fergus in the top right corner, offering insights on how to get hero characters efficiently.
Switching to mouse controls made setting tasks for Fergus much easier. Captured by VideoGamer

When your hero arrives in town, a short tutorial will guide you through general controls. Movement is easiest using a mouse, so I’d recommend switching if you’ve been relying on your keyboard. This way, you can simply select the area or item you want your hero to inspect and choose tiles to move to. 

Your hero will take care of selected enemies, too, so you don’t need to worry about much in combat. With experience and a reliable build, your hero will fare well against the threats looming over your kingdom.