How to beat Mohg, Lord of the Blood easily for Elden Ring DLC – location and weaknesses

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✓ at a glance
  • Wear gear that increases resistance to blood loss.
  • Use Tiche or the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash.
  • For a quick and easy kill, buff up and blast him with Comet Azur.

While Mohg is an optional boss in the base game, the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC firmly makes him mandatory if you want to reach the new content. If you struggle to beat him, there are easy ways – including a Comet Azur cheese – to win this fight, as well as normal strats if you don’t use magic. As with all bosses in Elden Ring, you can also use and abuse Spirit Ashes to help trivialise most encounters.

elden ring mohg boss guide - mogh, the boss in elden ring, attacks our character
It’s best to keep close to Mohg. Image taken by VideoGamer

Recommended gear for beating Mohg

We beat Mohg using the following equipment:

  • Sword of Milos +9, Beast Crest Heater Shield 
  • Black Wolf Mask
  • Scaled Armor
  • Lionel’s Gauntlets
  • Vagabond Knight Greaves
  • Claw Talisman, Viridian Amber Medallion, Crimson Amber Medallion +2, and Stalwart Horn Charm

We highly recommend using the Mimic Tear in this fight, as we do for all boss fights. This Spirit Ash was so strong it got nerfed, and even in the face of that it is obscenely powerful. If you haven’t invested in the Mimic Tear, this is the time. Otherwise, we always recommend Black Knife Tiche, as she is a walking powerhouse of damage and grieving to any enemy.

In terms of Mohg’s Shackle and The Purifying Crystal Tear in the Flask of Wonderous Physick, we think these two are unnecessary to beat Mohg. These items can help, but the shackle only works in the first phase and for about two seconds which is fairly useless. The shield that protects you from his Blood Curse attack is also fairly redundant since you can heal through it normally.

Where to find Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Mogh, Lord of Blood, can be found at the end of Mohgwyn Palace. He is the boss of the area and you fight him inside the boss arena at the top of the palace. Use this map image we’ve taken to find him.

elden ring how to beat mohg location - a map from elden ring showing the location of a boss
Mohg’s boss arena is in Mohgwyn Palace, technically found in the Siofra River. Image taken by VideoGamer

Mohg, Lord of Blood weaknesses

As with all bosses and enemies in Elden Ring, each one has a certain resistance to each status effect. These resistances have thresholds, which means when you trigger a status it is increasingly difficult to trigger it again. Funnily enough, Mohg is very susceptible to Bleed, which is probably designed to be a double-edged sword thanks to how he gets an attack buff when bleed is triggered. As per information from the Elden Ring wiki page, Mohg has the following weaknesses:

Mohg Weaknesses
Blood buildup (Hemorrhage)

Mohg, Lord of Blood boss guide and how to beat

For those who want as fair a fight as you can get in Elden Ring, there are other methods to beat Mohg that don’t involve Comet Azur. You’ll want to wear armour that provides decent resistance to blood loss since it will trigger a lot during this fight. As such, you should also bring Staunching Boluses to clear any blood loss buildup. Mohg has two phases to deal with during the boss fight. At about half HP, he will begin using his Blood Curse attack that will detonate three instances of bleed on you, which you will need to heal through.

Equally, you can come prepared with the Purifying Crystal Tear mixed into your Wondrous Physick, which will mitigate the damage done during this attack. Using the Physick this way is entirely unnecessary, and it is better used to buff your damage or survivability since you can simply heal through the damage. Something you might find useful in this fight is Mohg’s Shackle – an item found in Leyndell Royal Capital, in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds – which can be used in this fight to stun him for a few seconds.

Mohg boss guide – phase one

As soon as the fight starts, he will get into melee range by walking or swinging towards you. Now is the time to summon your Mimic Tear spirit, Tiche, or whoever you choose. For a good start, try and stay in the mid-range so he lunges forward with a stabbing attack. Roll to the side and get in some free damage. When you see an opening, use Mohg’s Shackle while you’re near him to get in some charged attacks or a nice combo. If you land enough hits you can break his stance for a critical hit.

✓ Tip

During the first phase only, you can use the Mohg’s Shackle item to stun him temporarily for free damage.

For melee builds, make sure you stay close to Mohg during the fight. You will notice a lot of his spear attacks are very easy to dodge in this first phase. You can’t parry him, so don’t think you can be fancy in this fight. We found great success fighting Mohg in close range and favouring his left side. While in close range, he has a claw attack that will detonate a few seconds after the initial swipe, rolling to the left helps you avoid this attack reliably. Don’t roll away from him, because this attack has a lot of range that will catch you even if you back off.

elden ring how to beat mohg - a character stands in front of mogh with red rings around them
The red ring around you indicates how many stacks of Blood Curse you have. It maxes at 3. Image taken by VideoGamer

While in close range, you will have to contend with some AoE bleed attacks. One, which you want him to use, sees him reach into the air and open a circle from above that rains down blood. This will deal damage in an AoE, but you can circle around the back of him to damage him while he performs this attack. Going to his side or back should help you avoid the AoE.

As you deal damage to him, you will notice he counts from one to three, and red rings will appear around your character. Don’t worry about these for now, they are tied to him entering his second phase when he uses his Blood Curse attack. This will strike you three times and it will trigger blood loss each time. Simply heal after each tick of the attack and position yourself behind him while he does this. When he’s done this three times, he will stand and pose it up for a bit, ending with a frontal swing. While he’s doing this final swing attack, lay into him and keep attacking, you will get a lot of free damage.

✓ Tip

Mohg is all about causing blood loss since it provides a damage buff to him. He is, however, weak to bleeding. If you have a bleed build with Rivers of Blood, you can do well for yourself here. Don’t worry about his damage buff, he’s going to get that anyway.

Mohg boss guide – phase two

After the Blood Curse, he will sprout some wings and become even more of a pain. Remember, you cannot use Mohg’s Shackle in this phase. Now he can fly, he will has a new attack where he performs a few large sweeping AoEs and ends in a lunging slam.

elden ring how to beat mohg lord of blood - a red screen shows the effects of mohg's blood curse
The screen will glow red while Mohg performs the Nihil attack three times. Image taken by VideoGamer

All of his attacks now have an after-effect of blood, which can hit you, giving his attacks more range. This is more incentive to stay closer to him since his spear swings can sometimes go over your head, which is excellent for keeping your combos going without having to dodge.

✓ Tip

Strong two-handed weapons work wonders against Mohg, since he can be staggered fairly easily.

Phase two can be chaotic, as there will also be fire patches on the floor to contend with. He will also use the Nihil Blood Curse attack if the fight drags on too long. Each tick of the Blood Curse will also heal Mohg. The best advice we can give is to stay close to him. You want to stop his AI from choosing to use attacks to close distance or shoot at you from range since these are the most unpredictable to dodge and deal with. Another excellent way to get in free damage on Mohg is by using a Spirit Ash, whether this is Black Knife Tiche or the Mimic Tear, your summons can continue to wail on Mohg while he performs the Blood Curse and helps mitigates any healing he does to himself.

how to beat mohg elden ring boss guide - mohg in elden ring is being attacks by our character
Mohg can be hit by criticals if you break his stance. Image taken by VideoGamer

Keep up the aggression while staying close in melee range, and you’ll eventually wear him down. Holding your weapon in two-hands will increase the stagger damage you do, so you could get lucky and finish the fight off with a clutch critical. That covers everything about the Mohg fight. If you managed to beat him, well done. If not, take a break and try again later, sometimes you just get unlucky in boss fights and coming back to it after a break helps you tackle it differently.

How to cheese Mohg, Lord of Blood

For those who can’t be bothered to get into the nitty and gritty of this fight, you can cheese this boss fairly easily using the Comet Azur spell. Here’s what you’ll need to beat Mohg easily:

  • Equip Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. Make sure it’s +10, or at least +8.
  • The Terra Magica and Comet Azur spells.
  • Prepare your Flask of Wonderous Physick with Cerulean Hidden Tear and the Blue Cracked Tear.
  • Wear Azur’s Glintstone Crown.
  • Equip the Magic Scorpion Charm, Graven School Talisman, and the Graven-Mass Talisman.

As soon as the fight begins, cast Terra Magica, drink your Flask of Wonderous Physick, and then start casting Comet Azur. As Mohg walks into range, the beam will start to hit him for tremendous damage. He might survive the first one depending on your damage, Intellect stat, and buffs. If this happens, drink a Cerulean Flask and blast him with another Comet Azur.

The Wonderous Physick you made will give you infinite FP for 15 seconds, which means you can just sit there and hold Comet Azur on him until he dies. He will begin to try and enter his bloodrite phase, but he should be dead before he can start doing damage to you. As always, Comet Azur goes brrr. Sit back and praise the Glintstone, you’ve beaten Mohg. Here’s the strat in effect.

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