Begin with the End in Mind - 5G

Earn the first skill of your Career

In the Spotlight - 5G

Upload a Highlight Reel to FighterNet

Friends or Foes? - 5G

Complete a Rivalry

First Blood - 10G

Win your first Career fight

To the Top! - 10G

Earn a promotion in Online Championships

UFC Contract! - 10G

Win The Ultimate Fighter in Career

The Big Time - 10G

Fight on the main card of a UFC event in Career

#1 Contender! - 10G

Fight for a title in Career

Iron Chin - 10G

Survive a stun state

Ahead of the Class - 25G

Earn an early promotion in Championships

Making your mark - 25G

Win 5 Career fights in a row

Top of the Mountain - 25G

Win a UFC title in Career

It's Showtime! - 25G

KO an opponent via cage kick

The Art of Eight Limbs - 25G

Land a left and right punch, kick, knee and elbow in the same round.

I'll Stand, Thanks - 25G

Stuff five or more takedowns in a single fight

Do an AMA! - 25G

Gain 50,000 fans in Career

The Arm That Feeds - 25G

Submit an opponent in the first round via Armbar

Fight of the Night - 25G

Win a Fight of the Night bonus in |Career

Submission of the NIght - 25G

Win a Performance of the Night by Submission

Knockout of the Night - 25G

Win a Performance of the Night by KNockout

A False Sense of Security - 50G

Finish an opponent in the last 10 seconds of the last round

Knockout Season - 50G

Finish an entire Championships Season by knocking out every opponent.

Submission Season - 50G

Finish an entire Championships Season by submitting every opponent.

The Prodigy - 50G

Complete Career with a win rate above 85%

To the Wire - 50G

Avoid relegation on the 10th right of a Championship season

You Earned It - 50G

Earn promotion on the 10th fight of a Championships season

You Got Somewhere to Be? - 50G

Finish a fight in the first 60 seconds.

Iron Heart - 50G

Recover from a stun state and finish your opponent in the same round.

Stand and Bang - 50G

Finish an opponent without ever going to the ground or blocking

Gracie Pride - 50G

Earn 12 consecutive submission wins in Career

Forefathers - 75G

Get inducted to the Hall of Fame in Career on the hardest difficulty setting

There Is No "Try" - 75G

Complete all Challenges

Source: Xbox achievements

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