Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have romance? – is the Beloved System coming back?

Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have romance? – is the Beloved System coming back?
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Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have romance? Is the Beloved System coming back? What type of affection can you expect the NPCs to give you in the game and what can you do in return? Will it be as simple as giving gifts to your favorite characters?

If you are looking into romance, you might also want to know what the Dragon’s Dogma 2 multiplayer is like. Before getting the game on PC, you should also check the Dragon’s Dogma 2 system requirements. What type of romance options will be in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Let’s break down what we know.

What is the Beloved System in Dragon’s Dogma?

The original title had what is called the Beloved System. This allows you to give gifts to NPCs to raise your affinity with them. You could also raise your affinity by completing quests. Depending on your actions, this number would increase or decrease, allowing you to get closer or grow more distant from an NPC. You also could not choose your beloved.

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Will Dragon’s Dogma 2 have the Beloved System?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has not been confirmed to have the Beloved System or an entirely new romance system. However, the game will feature a romance system of some type. There have been teases that there will be sexual content in the game based on the ESRB rating which could mean that romance will play a part in the story.

Affinity-raising items

The Deluxe Edition of Dragon’s Dogma 2 features a Heartfelt Pendant that seems to raise affinity with NPCs in the game, further hinting at what the romance system could be.

Along with that, Capcom mentioned that there will be romanceable NPCs. As mentioned in a video from Jackdaw on YouTube, there might also be NPCs that fight for your character’s affection. This type of jealousy system would be an interesting addition to the game and deepen the bonds between characters. While we do know that there will be a romance system of some type, there has been no confirmation as to how this romance system will work. Apparently, it will include multiple romance options in the story.

That is everything we know about romance in the game. Be sure to also check out the Dragon’s Dogma 2 difficulty settings. You can also check out the Dragon’s Dogma 2 graphics settings.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 romance – FAQ

Will every NPC be romanceable in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

We don’t believe every NPC will be romanceable but we do think that many will be.

Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have a jealousy system?

While it has not been confirmed, there has been mention of NPCs fighting for your character’s attention.