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Our Complete List of Cat Pokemon and Some That Could Be (November 2022)

All Cat Pokemon
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Pokémon is a series fueled by innovation and incredible partners with whom you go on a journey and develop close emotional connections. Fans widely adore the games worldwide, some of the Pokémon in the games were purely created through imagination, and real-world animals inspired the others. You can see many examples of Pokémon species inspired by real-world animals or objects. Still, today we will be going through the list of cat pokemons.

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List of All Cat Pokemon

1.       Meowth

·         Number:          52

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Species:           Scratch Cat Pokemon

Meowth has been a staple character of the Pokémon anime for a long time, appearing as the mascot of Team Rocket (Jessie and James) from the anime. He rose to fame by being the only Pokémon who could speak a human language, unlike psychic Pokémon who used their thoughts to communicate. This loveable cat was based on the Japanese good luck charm. This Pokémon was featured in the first generation making it one of the original, memorable creations. Sadly it was never that cool in the games, and the only unique move it knew was Payday.

Meowth Variants

Alolan Meowth

·         Type: Dark

Meowth is a very versatile Pokémon. When in Alola, it spent a lot of time with Royalty, so it became accustomed to luxury. Alolan Meowth is selfish, impulsive, and fickle; many people adore giving it attention which it loves. It can also be seen in junkyards fighting against Murkrow for shiny objects they would both like.

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Galarian Meowth

·         Type: Steel

Traveling the seas and living with strong sea-faring adventurers, this Meowth has parts of its body turned into iron. It has become more savage and strong than its other variants; the black coin on its head signifies its strength. The darker coins are stronger, which determines Meowth’s strength and respect among its type.


2.       Persian

Persian Cat Pokemon

·         Number:          53

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Classy Cat Pokemon

Famous for being Giovanni’s pet Pokémon, this elegant cat’s defining feature is the gem on its forehead. Persian is fairly competent and a cool normal-type Pokémon that’s quick on its feet.


Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian Dark Cat Pokemon

·         Type: Dark

It has a violent temperament and sharp claws; the round face and smooth coat are softer than most high-class velvet. Even though it has a cute face, it is ferocious. It tortures its prey rather than finishing them off. The bigger and rounder the face, the more beautiful it is considered.


Perrserker Steel Cat Pokemon

·         Type:   Steel

Based on the tough Vikings, it is large, burly and what appears to be an iron helmet is actually its very hardened hair. Its claws have become daggers, and it lives for the thrill of intense battles.

3.       Espeon

·         Number:          196

·         Type:                 Psychic

·         Specie:             Sun Pokémon

Introduced in generation 2, Espeon became the most popular Eeveelution for a while when the day and night system was introduced. Espeon unleashes psychic power from its forehead. With its arcane power, it can read people’s thoughts and also predict the weather.

4.       Umbreon

·         Number:          197

·         Type:                 Dark

·         Specie:             Moonlight Pokémon

One of the evolutions of Eevee is undisputed to be a cat-type Pokémon. Umbreon secretes poisonous sweat, which it sprays on its opponents; it bathes in the moonlight and tries to capture its prey while lurking in the darkness.

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5.       Raikou

Raikou Electric Cat Pokemon

·         Number:          243

·         Type:                 Electric

·         Specie:             Thunder Pokémon

It is one part of the legendary beast trio that was with Ho-Oh in the Burned Tower who revived them. There are many arguments among the fans, some calling them the legendary dogs, but between the three, Raikou is surely based on a Saber Tooth. It can shoot thunderbolts from rainclouds that are with him on his back.

6.       Entei

·         Number:          244

·         Type:                 Fire

·         Specie:             Volcano Pokémon

Another part of the legendary trio, this Pokémon, is based on a lion. These Legendary Beasts were initially Eeveelutions that passed in the burned tower incident and were later revived by Ho-Oh. Enter is legendary Pokémon with a strong roar; whenever it does, a volcano erupts somewhere across the globe.

7.       Skitty

Skitty Cat Pokemon

·         Number:          300

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Kitten Pokémon

An extremely adorable Pokémon that many would adore keeping as a pet, Skitty is a cat Pokemon to have. This normal type Pokémon is a ball of happiness and likes to chase around moving things and its tail. It keeps chasing its tail until it gets dizzy. It’s always smiling and is more of a luxurious pet than a battler, even though it can do both.

8.       Delcatty

·         Number:          301

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Prim Pokémon

The evolution of Skitty, Delcatty is a more fashionable and elegant version of Skitty. Its stats and skills are nothing to write about, and Delcatty isn’t the best in a fight. Still, this elegantly fashionable Pokémon is extremely popular among trainers, especially its sublime fur.

9.       Zangoose

·         Number:          335

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Cat Ferret Pokémon

Another generation 3 normal-type Pokémon that seems like it can rip anything apart. Usually, it stays on all fours but does stand on its hind legs, ready to attack with its claws if angered. It has had a bitter rivalry against Seviper; the rivalry dates back several generations, so much so that its hatred is etched into every cell of Zangoose’s body. 

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10.   Shinx

·         Number:          403

·         Type:                 Electric

·         Specie:             Flash Pokémon

This cute little Pokémon is loosely based on a Lynx’s cub; at least, that’s how we assess it. Shinx is one of the more iconic Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. It generates electricity by contracting its muscles, so be careful if it’s trembling. All of its fur dazzles when it senses danger, and the electricity makes its fur glow; with all that firepower in one cute being, you have to be patient to tame this Pokémon.

11.   Luxio

·         Number:          404

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Prim Pokémon

A more grown version of Shinx that starts resembling a lion, this Pokémon can join its tail with others of its kind to increase its electricity output. Luxio always prepares for battle with its claws that are shocking enough to make its opponents faint. It travels in small packs and communicates with electrical pulses; Luxio is elegant and gracious. They even share the spoils of their hunt with others from their pack.

12.   Luxray

·         Number:          405

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Prim Pokémon

This cool Pokémon is a mixture of lions and lynxes, even though it doesn’t do well in competitive competitions; Luxray is a cool Pokémon to have. They can see through solid objects when their eyes shimmer with gold, and it’s because it uses electricity as energy. It needs to sleep a lot to store electric power.

13.   Glameow

·         Number:          431

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Catty Pokémon

Another normal type Pokémon that is glamorous; it loves being taken care of and resembles Alolan Meowth in many ways. It’s a very fickle Pokémon with a sharp glare; if displeased with anyone, it uses its sharp hidden claws to cut them and purrs when it feels affectionate. It bewitches humans with its mesmerizing gaze and by rotating its helical tail. The joke about this Pokémon is its evolution, and its pre-evolution form is a fancy Pokémon. Still, when this cat evolves, it’s pretty unexpected.

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14.   Purugly

Purugly Tiger Cat Pokemon

·         Number:          431

·         Type:                 Normal

·         Specie:             Tiger Cat Pokemon

The Pokémon turns into a big stocky cat that uses its build to reduce the damage done to it. It’s brutish and inelegant; Purugly barges its way into other Pokémon’s nests to take over. Though it’s a harsh Pokémon, its soft fur is trendy, pristine, and can be used in many ways.

15.   Purrloin

·         Number:          509

·         Type:                 Dark

·         Specie:             Devious Pokémon

Purrloin resembles the house cat in all ways and sorts. It also seems like a very charming and alluring Pokémon but don’t be fooled by its sweet nature. It is famous for being devious and manipulative. It steals things just to see people get frustrated, draws whoever opposes it closer by its charm, and then scratches them. It laughs and enjoys seeing confusion and frustration in others. Purrloin can walk on its hind legs; its striking colors and tail help it stand out from the rest of the cat Pokemon.

16.   Liepard

·         Number:          510

·         Type:                 Dark

·         Specie:             Cruel Pokémon

Liepard is a vicious dark type Pokémon based on a leopard, an observation we make by looking at its design. It has gorgeous spotty fur and walks elegantly but don’t misjudge this Pokémon; it is very moody and can be feral if agitated. Its elegance also helps its stealth, and this Pokémon moves with stealth to sneak up and capture its prey.

17.   Litleo

·         Number:          667

·         Type:                 Fire and Normal

·         Specie:             Lion Cub Pokémon

Litleo is one of the cutest Pokémon out there, based on a lion cub which is very apparent. It has a cute red mane on the top of its head that surges with heat the stronger the opponent it faces. This cute Pokémon is very prideful and sets off on a journey, leaving their pride to become stronger. Litleo is quick to get into a fight; when more heat surges through its mane, more power flows through its body.

18.   Pyroar

·         Number:          668

·         Type:                 Fire and Normal

·         Specie:             Royal Pokémon

Pyroar is a majestic Pokémon that genuinely resembles a real lion; even the gender differences are pretty similar. The male Pyroar has a large mane that covers its head and neck, whereas the female has a long mane protruding from its head to the back. They travel in packs, and the male with the largest mane of fire leads the pride. It challenges all who threaten its tribe with a flamethrower that burns at 10,000 Fahrenheit. The females are first to protect the cubs whenever there might be a challenger or an intruder.

19.   Espurr

·         Number:          677

·         Type:                 Psychic

·         Specie:             Restraint Pokémon

It is an adorable bipedal cat Pokémon with a strong blank stare which is jarring for many. Behind this blank stare resides a mighty psychic Pokémon. Its expression never changes no matter how hard you try; many speculate it’s because of its need to remain neutral and calm to hold back its psychic prowess. There is enough psychic power in Espurr to send a wrestler flying, but it has trouble controlling it; hence it’s always troubled. You can identify it’s a cat Pokemon from its name and even more so from its evolution.

20.   Meowstic

·         Number:          678

·         Type:                 Psychic

·         Specie:             Constraint Pokémon

An unfriendly yet elegant evolution to a cute stale expression Pokémon. Meowstic is a Pokémon with different forms and even characteristics based on its gender. With even more psychic Pokémon, the male and female vary, with the make being dark blue with white stripes and the female with a white appearance and dark blue prints. The female version is much more aggressive and selfish than the male version. If it doesn’t get what it wants, it will torment everyone to get it. The female Meowstic has enough power to tear a tanker apart; on the contrary, the male is defensive, focusing on protecting themselves or their partners; they do it by revealing a hidden pattern on the insides of their ears. Even the moves they learn in the games vary from aggressive and defensive based on gender.

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21.   Litten

·         Number:          725

·         Type:                 Fire

·         Specie:             Fire Cat Pokemon

Litten resembles an average cat, but the fiery demeanor tries to differentiate it from the rest. Its entire outlook resembles that of a tiger. Litten was one of the more popular starters in Sun and Moon; the fur balls it builds, it sets them on fire to cough out fireballs. It’s difficult to tame because it doesn’t easily open up to trainers; if it ever opens up to you, you still have to maintain a distance since this Pokémon prefers solitude even though it cares for you. When it needs to shed its hair, it burns it off by setting it on fire.

22.   Torracat

·         Number:          726

·         Type:                 Fire

·         Specie:             Fire Cat Pokemon

It evolves from Litten to resemble a tiger even more than its predecessor. As it evolves, it gains confidence and strength, so much so that it can bend an iron bar with a punch. The ring it gains on its neck looks like a collar but acts as a catalyst that burns brightly whenever this Pokémon uses fire attacks. Once it’s close to a trainer, it can act very spoiled, so much so that its sharp claws always leave marks on its trainer. To know that Torracat is happy, you will see its mane standing on the ends, and if it’s not, the mane will be flat.

23.   Incineroar

·         Number:          727

·         Type:                 Fire and Dark

·         Specie:             Heel Pokémon

The move to make Incineroar bipedal is still questionable with some fans. Still, nevertheless, this cat-type Pokémon is inspired by pro wrestlers. It is strong, stocky, and muscular; Incineroar is generally violent and selfish. It won’t listen to its trainer if it doesn’t want to but what makes it thrive is a good challenge. Even though it’s rough around the edges, it won’t fight against unworthy opponents, which it finds boring. The light in its eyes truly shines whenever it goes against a more substantial challenge; these intense battles lead the flames around its waist to burn intensely.

24.   Solgaleo

·         Number:          791

·         Type:                 Psychic and Steel

·         Specie:             Sunne Pokémon

The legendary Pokémon from Sun and Moon resembles a lion; this Pokémon of the galaxies is said to live in another world. The light it radiates from its body is so intense that it can make the darkest of nights feel like the day. In ancient texts, many have talked about Solgaleo as the beast that would devour the sun. As its third eye gets activated, it departs to another world.

25.   Dusk Mane Necrozma

·         Number:          800

·         Type:                 Psychic and Steel

·         Specie:             Prism Pokémon

It is the combination of two legendary Pokémon with their own specific Pokedex entries. When it absorbs the form and power of Solgaleo, it takes on this form. This makes it uncontrollable and ferocious.

26.   Zeraora

·         Number:          807

·         Type:                 Electric

·         Specie:             Thunderclap Pokémon

A unique cat Pokemon with solid and ferocious claws, this Pokémon has a special move called plasma fists that convert Normal-type moves to Electric-type attacks. It can tear its opponents with its electrifying claws, whose sparks are so potent that even touching them would electrocute you. Since this Pokémon embodies electricity, it can move at lightning speed. Zeraora’s color and speed make’s us think that the Cheetah inspired it.

27.   Sprigatito

·         Number:          906

·         Type:                 Grass

·         Specie:             Grass Cat Pokemon

A new fan favorite, this starter Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet has all eyes on it. This cute smiling feline is a sight for sore eyes, it loves the wilderness, and by kneading and rubbing its forepaws, it can release an aroma that mesmerizes those around it. The scent it emits is therapeutic to trainers and Pokémon alike, so much so that its opponents usually lose the will to fight.

Arguably Cat Pokemon

1.       Mew and Mewtwo

While it is true that mews genetics hold the DNA of all Pokémon and Mewtwo was created from Mew. They lack the feline and cat-like features and behavior that all the other Pokémon have; these Pokémon resemble a mouse, whereas Mewtwo seems like an original creation altogether.

2.       Sneasel

Some argue that its features and ears mimic those of a cat, but by the reasoning it is more based on a weasel than a cat. It takes eggs from unguarded Pidgey nests and is very quick and cunning.

3.       Suicune

Many argue that Suicune is a Pokémon that belongs to the specie of leopards. Everything about this Pokémon resembles dogs and wolves, and it’s very K9 in its nature and demeanor.

4.       Munchlax and Snorlax

The way these Pokémon act does resemble cats, but their demeanor reminds me more of pandas than cats. The search for food, goofy acting, and laziness might be similar to that of a cat, but nothing else is.

5.       Eevee and Eevelutions

They are unique in their build and can be classified as cat Pokémon, which is why Espeon and Umbreon were on the list. Glaceon is a strong contender for the list, but their shape and demeanor resembles too much of a dog.

Final Thoughts

So these are all the Cat type Pokémon that we know of right now; Pokémon has taken inspiration from many real-world animals. Some are subtle, and others are very noticeable, like Pyroar and Girrafarig; we still love seeing new and innovative designs that we might get as companions. So do you agree with the Pokémon on here? Do you think Mew and the Eeveelutions deserve a spot on the list? Let us know, and we would love to hear from you.

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