11 Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks You Absolutely Need to Know

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Fallout 4 is a complex game, full of shooting, crafting, chatting, building and much more. There’s so much going on that you can sometimes find yourself wishing things could be done a little bit quicker. Thankfully Bethesda has included a host hidden functions which will help you on your way. Read on to make your time in the wasteland a more enjoyable one.

Dump Your Junk

When at your workbench press T to drop all your junk into the container. No faffing, just get rid of it all. That’s the triangle button on PS4 and Y on Xbox One.

Charge and Charge Again

Is your Laser Musket failing to down enemies? Did you know you can actually charge the gun twice by hitting reload a second time. This then releases a shot of double the power. Take that, feral ghoul.

How to Take Cover

Although you might not know it, Fallout 4 does in fact have a cover system. When against a wall corner aim down your sights and you’ll take a peek around the wall. This is a very useful technique in avoiding unwanted damage.

Caution: Brackets Are Sneaky

You know the [HIDDEN] on-screen alert which appears when you are being stealthy. Well, the brackets actually have a very important function. The further apart the brackets are, the more hidden you are and therefore less likely to be spotted.

[ HIDDEN ] is better than [HIDDEN]

The same applies to [CAUTION], with the further apart the brackets the closer you are to being hidden once again.

E For Enter

Literally. In the PC version you can press the “E” key rather than press Enter. This might sound like a pointless addition, but if you look at where “E” sits in relation to the classic WASD buttons you’ll realise that using “E” saves you moving your hand and in term speeds things up considerably.

WASD in Dialogue and Workshop Menus

If you try using the WASD keys when in dialogue your character will simply move away. Fallout 4 defaults to requiring the use of the arrow keys, but if you hold Shift you can navigate the menus using WASD too. It’s also possible to use the 1, 2, 3, 4 in a clockwise formation.

The same trick applies to Workshop Mode, which could help save you lots of time when building.

How to Squeeze Through Narrow Passages

A passage which at first attempt appears too narrow to enter might be passable by simply attempting a sideways shuffle through the otherwise impassable space. Simply rotate your character and strafe through.

Enter VATS Mode to Check Out the VANS Quest Trail Perk

VATS isn’t just for picking apart enemies with well-placed shots. When no enemies are present you can hold down Q (L1, LB on consoles) to enter VATS Mode and check out the VANS Quest Trail Perk and see the route to the next objective.

How to Turn on the Torch

The wasteland can be a dark place, so a little bit of light can make things a lot easier. Thankfully your Pip Boy is here to help. Simply hold down TAB key (Circle or B on consoles) and a handy torch will kick into action.

Mark Components You Need

When in the junk section of your inventory press the “C” key to bring up the Component View – L1, LB on consoles. From here you can tag items you want more of, which is useful when you’re out and about scavenging. It’s like a Tesco’s shopping list for the Sole Survivor.

How to Rest and Pass the Time

In previous Fallout games you could rest and pass the time by pressing the “T” key, but in Fallout 4 you need to be sitting. Find yourself a bed or a chair and wait for the game to ask if you want to rest. Kit Kats are not supplied.

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