Widowmaker Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Widowmaker Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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There are 35 different heroes in the popular team-based first-person shooter, Overwatch 2. Each of these heroes has their own unique weapons, abilities, personality, and playstyle. In addition, each hero belongs to one of three specific roles that help them to stand out on the battlefield. These roles are tanks that can defend their allies from harm, supports that keep their teams healed, and DPS which can deal massive damage to their foes. Picking the right hero for the job is very important for ensuring the success of a team in Overwatch 2. Widowmaker is a long-range DPS character that uses her sniper rifle to take out enemies from afar. Here is everything that players need to know about using Widowmaker in Overwatch 2.

Who is Widowmaker in Overwatch 2?

Widowmaker is a sniper that specializes in taking her enemy out from extremely long ranges. She has not changed much in Overwatch 2, only receiving a slight bump to her HP which can make her a bit more durable in combat. Fans of Widowmaker will feel right at home with her and using her abilities and mobility, they can take out key targets from the backline and help their team push forward to victory.

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DPS heroes were reworked in Overwatch 2

There were multiple changes made with the latest update in the series to Overwatch 2, but perhaps the biggest change was to team composition. In the original Overwatch, teams consisted of 6 players each. However, in Overwatch 2, teams have been reduced to having 5 players per team. This means that there is one less tank on each side. To compensate for this change, each role received a special passive ability to help them in combat. DPS heroes such as Widowmaker received a 25% increase in movement speed and reload speed after eliminating an enemy. This effect does not stack, but further eliminations will reset the duration.

Widowmaker’s abilities in Overwatch 2

widowmaker overwatch 2 abilities
Widowmaker Overwatch 2 Abilities and Stats

Widowmaker plays largely the same in Overwatch 2 as compared to the original Overwatch. For her latest rendition, she has had her HP upgraded to 200, up from 175. This means that she can take a bit more punishment if she finds herself exposed to her sniping perch. Because of the nature of her playstyle, players will want to use her ability to find the high ground as well as out-of-the-way snipers nests to take out players from unsuspected angles.

Widow’s Kiss

In Overwatch 2, Widowmaker uses her signature sniper rifle, Widow’s Kiss to deal damage to her foes from afar. The weapon has 2 different firing modes, able to switch between them with ease. In the primary fire mode, Widowmaker can use Widow’s Kiss as a standard assault rifle. For mid-range engagements, this can work in a pinch, firing at enemies for up to 13 damage per round. With 35 rounds in the magazine, it can pack a decent punch to enemies but is not the preferred means of attack.

The secondary firing mode of Widow’s Kiss is the signature sniper mode, complete with scope. When using the secondary firing mode, Widowmaker will zoom in and build up power in her rifle as it charges up. The higher the charge, the more damage it will do, capping out at 120 damage per shot with a full charge. Headshots receive a 2.5x damage multiplier, and can quickly eliminate even the strongest of foes at full charge. Each shot of the Widow’s Kiss in secondary firing mode consumes 5 rounds of the 35-round magazine. Players can use this mode to take out players at extremely long ranges, making Widowmaker a force to be reckoned with from anywhere on the map.

Grappling Hook

Widowmaker possesses the ability to make herself more mobile by using her Grappling Hook. When used, Widowmaker throws out a Grappling Hook at a surface and begins to pull herself towards it. The Grappling Hook has a range of 20 yards and can be used to help Widowmaker gain the high ground and get a better vantage point to make her shots. In addition, it can be used to evade any enemies flanking her or escaping a bad situation. Grappling Hook has a cooldown of 12 seconds and can be canceled by jumping.

Venom Mine

Keeping herself safe when high up on the sniper’s perch is paramount to the success of Widowmaker. One of the abilities she has to help ensure this is the Venom Mine. When used, Widowmaker places a Venom Mine on nearly any surface that sticks to it and arms itself. Once armed, when an enemy player walks near the Venom Mine, it will detonate, causing poisonous gas to be delivered in a 3-meter radius. Any enemies who are in the gas cloud will take 15 damage per second as long as they remain in the gas. In addition, enemies that take damage are revealed to Widowmaker for a short period of time, allowing her to see them through walls. Venom Mine’s gas cloud lasts for 5 seconds, and it has a cooldown of 15 seconds.


As Widowmaker’s Ultimate Ability, Infrasight allows her to see the heat signature of her enemies. When used, Infra-Sight lets Widowmaker see her enemies through walls. She can not only see their locations, but she can see how much HP they have remaining as well. This information is also shared with her team and can let them plan easier when pushing into a fortified location. This effect lasts for 15 seconds but will end prematurely for her team if Widowmaker dies.

Tips for using Widowmaker in Overwatch 2

Widowmaker is the main sniper character in Overwatch 2. Because of this, she will play best at longer ranges, where she can take out almost any enemy in the game with a well-placed headshot. However, because of her nature, she will be aiming down the scope a lot and will have limited mobility, making her susceptible to enemy attacks from more mobile heroes, or other Widowmakers. While she can give her team vision and information about their whereabouts, she should always remain behind the front lines, as if she is forced into close-quarters combat, she is very weak. 

She can be mobile by using her Grappling Hook, however, if it is on cooldown she will be a very easy target for most other DPS heroes to be able to pick off. Therefore, finding a safe sniper perch to oversee the objective is the best choice for Widowmaker.

Choose Widowmaker to take out the competition in Overwatch 2

Widowmaker is a great choice for players who want to stay back and take out enemies from afar. While she is a powerful DPS, her playstyle requires careful aim and the use of her vision to keep an eye on the battlefield. However, if used correctly, players can pick Widowmaker to easily take out the competition and win matches in Overwatch 2.