Echo Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Echo Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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Overwatch 2 is a team-based first-person shooter that lets players choose from 35 different heroes. Each one of these heroes has their own unique abilities, playstyle, and weapons. In addition to each hero being unique, they each fall into one of three different categories. These are tanks, which defend their team, supports who heal their teams and DPS that can deal massive damage to their foes. Echo is a DPS hero in Overwatch 2 that is able to duplicate her team’s heroes and transform into them with deadly results. Here is everything that players need to know about playing Echo in Overwatch 2.

Who is Echo in Overwatch 2?

Echo is an extremely versatile character in Overwatch 2 that is capable of fulfilling multiple roles in battle. This is because while Echo is a DPS character, she is able to use her ultimate to transform into enemy characters with her ability Duplicate. Through this ability, she will gain the enemy’s abilities and be able to use them herself. Duplicate is on a set duration, but can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Players who master the art of Duplication with Echo will be able to easily guide their team to victory.

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Rework of damage-dealing heroes in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, the composition of teams was changed. Originally, in the first game, teams consisted of 6 players. In Overwatch 2, teams are now 5 players, and they contain only 1 tank now, instead of 2. To compensate for these changes in teams, all roles received special passive abilities that can help them to better fulfill their roles in combat. For DPS characters such as Echo, the passive they received was whenever they eliminate an enemy player, they will gain 25% reload speed as well as movement speed for a few seconds. This ability does not stack, but each elimination will restart the timer. By using this, DPS players can quickly snowball and cut down enemy teams with ease.

Echo’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Echo Weapons and Abilities

In Overwatch 2, Echo stays basically the same as she was in the original Overwatch. In fact, there were only minor changes made to Echo. The biggest one is a change in the amount of health that she can gain during Duplicate, which has been capped to 300. However, largely, she will feel the same to returning players. For those who want to master Echo, they will want to learn all they can about her abilities so they can transform their team straight to a win.


Echo has a passive ability that allows her to glide while falling by holding the jump button. Doing this will slow her descent and allow her to get her bearings before jumping into battle. However, as she is falling slower, she will be easier to target with hitscan weapons, and players should take care whenever they decide to use glide.


The signature weapon of Echo is the Tri-Shot. Just as it sounds, the weapon fires 3 rounds at once in a triangular pattern, which can do moderate damage at mid-range. Since the weapon does shoot multiple projectiles, landing all of them is important to be able to do the most damage to any targets. The Tri-Shot holds 12 rounds of ammunition and takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

Sticky Bombs

When using Sticky Bombs, Echo will fire a volley of bombs that will stick to enemies and detonate after a short delay. These bombs can be very potent, doing 25 damage a piece after exploding and 5 on impact. This means that landing as many bombs in the volley as the player can is important in dealing large bursts of damage. This ability can also damage Echo, however, so players will need to be careful when using it in close ranges. Sticky Bombs have a cooldown of 6 seconds.


On top of being able to glide by holding jump, Echo can also use a limited flight ability. When this is used, she will launch forward for a moment, before being able to be freely controlled by the player. Flight lasts for a duration of 3 seconds, and has a cooldown of 6 seconds before it can be used again. In addition, just like with glide, Echo can be easily targeted in the air so should be wary of any enemies that may be able to hit her whilst airborne.

Focusing Beam

Focusing Beam is a very powerful ability that can quickly finish off enemies in Overwatch 2. This is because while Focusing Beam does 50 damage a second over 2 seconds, it does much more when players are below 50% life. When targeting a player below 50% life, the beam will do 175 damage per second (down from 200 in the original Overwatch) which can quickly decimate foes. Any enemies who dare try to retreat from Echo with low life will pay the price if they are targeted with this ability.


Echo’s Ultimate Ability and reason for her namesake is the Duplicate Ability. In Overwatch 2, this ability has had some changes made to it. Previously, when using Duplicate on an enemy hero, Echo would copy their full amount of life. This means when she would target a tank such as D. Va, she would get 600 life. However, this has now been capped to 300. This is because primarily Echo would use this only to target tanks. Since tanks have been reduced in Overwatch 2, this opens up more options for Echo to use the ability on other types of heroes as well.

Once Echo has used Duplicate on a target, she will be able to retain their form for 15 seconds, or until she is reduced to 1 HP, whichever comes first. Any enemy abilities can be used by Echo when she is in her Duplicated form. If Echo is reduced to 1 HP in her Duplicate form, she will then revert back to the amount of HP she had previously. This can be a great ability that can give players the extra push they need to win a team fight, and should be used on high-priority heroes if possible.

Tips for using Echo in Overwatch 2

Echo is a very versatile hero in Overwatch 2 due to her abilities. Her flight allows her to stick by almost any tank or mobile class, and she can attack enemies from the sky and target heroes with low HP and quickly put them down. Because of her Duplicate ability, she can quickly and easily adapt to any team composition and can help immensely in team fights depending on whatever her team needs help with.

She is weak against heroes that use hitscan weapons, especially when in the air, and can be shot down from it if she is caught out of position. Despite this, she is a powerful hero with many ways to flank, poke the backline heroes, and generally adapt to any battlefield scenario.

Pick Echo and transform into victory in Overwatch 2

For any player who wants the ultimate in versatility, Echo is sure to be a hit. Not only can she adapt to any team that she goes up against, but her playstyle can be tweaked to match any player’s when she is in her Duplicated form. This will allow players to be able to switch it up on the fly and experience a wide array of play styles in a single match. Because of this, she can be really fun to play in addition to being able to put out a lot of damage. Players can easily transform into an enemy hero and use their own abilities against them to win in Overwatch 2.