My name is Matt Armstrong and I'm the Design Director for PROTOTYPE 2 at Radical Entertainment. My role at the studio is to provide all of the creative direction for the game and ensure that it's all delivered to the best possible quality. From story and missions to characters and core gameplay, my job is to ensure that everything is comes together in a way that is delivers the best possible experience for the player. Today I'm going to talk about the new game engine used for PROTOTYPE 2 and what that means for gamers.


The original PROTOTYPE came out in 2009. How has the game engine changed/evolved since then?

The entire graphics engine has been rebuilt from scratch for PROTOTYPE 2, so gamers can expect to see a huge improvement in graphics compared to the first game.

What does the new game engine allow you to do that wasn't possible in the first game?

From a technical point of view, screen-space ambient occlusion and deferred lighting have been two major efforts along with huge improvements to particle effects, tone-mapping and colour correction. The end result for gamers is a much more filmic experience with enormously improved lighting and far more objects and geometry on screen.

How big can the battles become in PROTOTYPE 2? Has the new game engine allowed for more enemies on screen?

Immense battles are part of the core of the PROTOTYPE experience, so you can definitely expect to see massive pitched battles involving tanks, helicopters, soldiers, infected humans, Brawlers, Juggernauts and more. It's not just about more, though - it's about better quality, too. PROTOTYPE 2 players will find that our battles are filled enemies that are more detailed, with better animation, more impressive effects and much greater dismemberment and destruction.