My name is Matt Armstrong and I'm the Design Director for PROTOTYPE 2 at Radical Entertainment. My role at the studio is to provide all of the creative direction for the game and ensure that it's all delivered to the best possible quality. From story and missions to characters and core gameplay, my job is to ensure that everything is comes together in a way that is delivers the best possible experience for the player. Today I'm going to tell you how the game's hunting and killing mechanics work.


In PROTOTYPE 2 you can hunt down enemies - how does a hunt generally work?

There are a number of ways that hunts can begin in PROTOTYPE 2, but one of the most common is for players to find and hack into one of Blackwatch's Black.Net communication vehicles. This gives Heller details on specific military and scientific operations that Blackwatch are conducting and the key personnel that are associated with them.

From here, the player gets to use a form of "viral sonar" to send out visible pulses of energy that hit their targets and then ripple back to the player, revealing the target's location. The next step for the player is to use these pulses to close in on the target's location and take them down, which opens up and brand new mission and brings the player one step closer to closing down the Blackwatch operation.

Can you go about hunting and killing people in different ways?

The actual mechanic of hunting is deliberately very streamlined and simple, so the challenge for the player is very much about the fun of using the pulses to stalk your target and identify him or her within the crowd. The end game of actually taking down your target is completely open to the player - you're completely to pick the moment of your choosing and use any means at your disposal to take them down.

Can you detail a handful of the character types you can become? What key attributes do they possess and how does that manifest itself in gameplay scenarios?

Soldiers and scientists are two of the key archetypes that we use during the game, but there are also one or two special forms that players will have to play through the story to appreciate. The key use for your disguises relates to deception and gaining access to highly secure areas of the world that would otherwise be extremely hostile to your presence.