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Madden 23: How To Juke

Madden NFL 23
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Understanding how to move with your ball carrier in Madden 23 is really important. Whether you’re using a running back, wide receiver, or tight end, being evasive is how you’ll be able to move down field for larger gains, if not, breakaway for touchdowns.

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One of the most effective moves that’s easy to learn and master, is the classic ‘juke’ move. Whether you go left, right, or cause a dead leg to the opposing defender, each of these three moves can free up a lot of space for you to run and find the lanes you need to exploit to get down field.

What’s important to keep in mind, is that lots of players have great juke move ratings. And the higher they are, the better the juke move will be, something worth keeping an eye on when deciding who to play with.

In addition, should the players you use have great agility and speed, it will help you succeed even more when you apply your juke moves in real time once you play.

On that note, let’s get to it.

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Here’s how to juke in Madden 23

PlayStation: Flick Right Stick Left/Right for Juke and Down for Dead Leg Juke.

Xbox: Flick Right Stick Left/Right for Juke and Down for Dead Leg Juke.

PC: Hit A for Left Juke, D for Right Juke, S for Dead Leg Juke.

Additional Info: The bulkier and heavier the player, the less effective their juke move will be. Small, quick, and agile players are the ones you’ll maximize the juke move with the most.