The PS4 Pro is here. And it's kind of alright. I bought one without owning a 4K TV and I'm not unhappy with it, but it hasn’t exactly wowed me. The following list of suggestions for Sony might not add that extra 'wow' factor, but would make the PS4 Pro a better console overall.

A logo showing a game is running in PS4 Pro Mode

Ps4 pro enhanced

Maybe this only bugs me, but when you start a game on the PS4 Pro, you have no idea if it's running in PS4 Pro mode or just as a regular PS4 game. I'd prefer some form of visual signposting to pop up after I hit the 'X' button on my controller, telling me nothing more than the game I've chosen to play is "PS4 Pro Enhanced". This won't change how the game plays or looks, but I really would like to see it added in a firmware update. Just being told that the machine I paid a lot of money for is being used properly would make me happier. Surely this is a simple addition. Please do it, Sony!

Ensure no games perform worse on PS4

Watch Dogs 2 Screenshots

Performance of PS4 Pro Enhanced games was something mentioned in the leaked documents that initially blew the lid on the console. In the docs Sony stated that PS4 Pro Enhanced games can't perform worse than the game on a standard PS4. It's unclear if this hasn't been enforced or if it was dropped as a certification requirement altogether, as numerous Pro Enhanced games do run at an inferior frame rate. Skyrim Special Edition, The Last of Us, and Watch Dogs 2 , to name three. It might not be the norm, but it shouldn't be happening at all.

Provide toggles in games so you can flick between modes

Rise of the Tomb Raider Screenshots

Certain PS4 Pro Enhanced games, such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and inFamous: Second Son, include multiple graphical options. In Tomb Raider, for example, you can play in '4K' mode, opt for 1080p resolution with a frame rate approaching 60fps, or play at 1080p with graphical bells and whistles all pushed to the max. Second Son offers a '4K' option or a high frame rate mode. In an ideal world Rise of the Tomb Raider's PS4 Pro implementation would be commonplace, but providing a couple of options would be nice. 

Allow non-patched games to take advantage of Pro power

Battlefront bespin

With many modern games implementing variable resolutions and fluctuating frame rates, one of the hopes attached to PS4 Pro was that it would automatically give these a boost. We have, after all, seen similar improvements on the Xbox One S, where certain games perform marginally better than on the original unit. The improvements could have been far greater with the PS4 Pro and in turn given a reason to either go back to or pick up older games. It wasn't to be with the Pro, but Sony could still make it happen.

Help devs add Pro support to older games

Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots

Now we're starting to get into the 'would be nice but probably never going to happen' end of the list. Look at your library of games and I'm sure you could easily pick five or so that you'd love to see given a frame rate, graphics or resolution boost on PS4 Pro. For whatever reason, games like Batman: Arkham Knight, Dying Light, Driveclub, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are not currently scheduled to be updated to make use of the Pro. That is a bit sad. But what if Sony helped out? It's been reported that it doesn't take a lot of work to get PS4 Pro support added, but obviously these games are done and dusted, and the development teams have moved on to new projects. Sony could step in and help out, gradually adding more and more games to the Pro's supported library.

PS3 backwards compatibility on Pro

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshots

Right, I know this is about as likely as Leicester winning the Premier League, but Leicester DID win the Premier League. As people say, "miracles do happen". Now, not for one moment do I believe Sony will make this miracle happen, but PS3 backwards compatibility for PS4 Pro consoles would be awesome. Due to the architecture of the PS3 it might not be possible, but if Sony did it and it was done well, it would open up an enormous library of games to Pro owners. At the moment I look at PS3 game sales on the PlayStation Store and dream of the days I could take advantage of such deals on a console that's still in active use. Sony, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One didn't seem possible, but it happened and it's great. You can do it too!

So there you go, six ways Sony can improve the PS4 Pro. Let us know what your suggestions are @VideoGamerCom, or tell me how all these ideas are wonderful @VGTomO.

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