Welcome to Heads-up, our weekly feature which gives you an at-a-glance run-down on the games you'll be able to buy or rent this weekend. Every Monday we'll pick out the best of the bunch, link to our reviews and previews and keep you in the video game loop so you have enough time to pre-order for Friday's post. Time to smash open your piggy bank so you can spend its coin-shaped guts.

Worth a look


It's a fairly busy release week, but there are few standout titles to speak of. Of most interest is the slightly odd, but well reviewed, Pokemon Conquest. This turn-based strategy crossover of the famous Pokemon franchise and the Nobunaga's Ambition series (little known in the UK) has received good reviews and is the pick of the week's new releases.

While it's not a new release, the 3DS XL is likely to be the biggest event of the week, bringing with it two massive screens - as well as a higher price tag.

And the rest...

  • Brave: The Video Game - Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii
  • New Art Academy - 3DS
  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP2 - 3DS
  • Mensa Academy - Wii, PC and 3DS
  • Quiz Party - Wii
  • Supersonic Racer - Wii
  • Flatout - Wii
  • Haunted - PC
  • Hyper Fighters - Wii
  • Mechanic Master 2 - DS
  • Monster Trucks: Ultra Mega Xtreme - Wii
  • Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! - 3DS