Evolve gives you the chance to play as a monster tasked with hunting down the four hunters. As it's not the easiest game to get into, we've got some tips and tricks to get you going when you first start playing Evolve.

Starting tips as a Monster in Evolve's Hunt mode

Hunters follow you based on the tracks you leave in the ground. In Hunt mode, both the Monster and Hunters also start at the same point, the Monster a few moments before. So, as the Monster, as soon as you start, use your three jumps to head deep into the wilderness. From there, crawl and begin to eat to try and evolve to stages two and three.

The real thorn in your side when it comes to remaining elusive is Daisy, who can track you at all times. Always remember to keep moving and you'll find yourself at stage three relatively quickly.

Evolve's Monster shouldn't stay in one place for too long

If you remain idle for too long you'll leave yourself vulnerable to be caught by the Hunters, and worse caught in the mobile arena, unable to escape. Sometimes you may have to risk leaving a large amount of food in order to run in search of more, but it's worth remaining hidden in order to stay safe and evolve until you're ready to go on the attack.

Remember you can click the right stick to smell, which will give you a sense of what is in your immediate environment. Make sure you use this frequently, as it isn't very wide-reaching and Hunters move fast. Also pan the camera a full 360-degrees when you use the smell ability to view everything around you.

Use your monster's abilities on the wildlife

By using the Monster's abilities, you will accrue XP and eventually upgrade your skills. If the Monster has to inflict a certain amount of damage with a particular ability to upgrade it, they can do so on the wildlife in the map.

As the Monster, your abilities are a much more effective way of killing multiple animals at once, rather than simply using melee attacks. Goliath's Rock Throw and Kraken's Lightning Strike are great for taking down a crowd of wildlife to quickly feed on, again helping you evolve quicker.

Monsters are vulnerable during evolution

After you evolve to a new stage, you have no armour, so it is vital that you quickly find some animals to eat to build up your defences once again. It's also crucial that you find a safe place to evolve, as if you're found during the evolve process, you'll be at a massive disadvantage.

Which classes should the Monster attack first in Evolve?

Medic and Support are capable of buffing their team-mates, so these players must be incapacitated first. The Assault may dish out heavy damage, but there's no point going after them if their health is being regenerated by the Medic and have an impenetrable shield thanks to Support.

Cut off the legs, and the head will fall.

Evolve's monster player should use fallen Hunters to set traps

Once a Hunter is incapacitated, don't worry about killing them immediately. Other teammates will be forced to come and help them, so make sure you stay in close proximity to the fallen player, that way you can incapacitate other Hunters who try and revive them.

Make sure you also take out Daisy, too, if she is in play.

Don't forget about the monster's sneak attacks

If you sneak up on a Hunter, and attack them with melee, they'll be pinned beneath you and you won't stop attacking until another Hunter hits you. Sneak attacks are excellent for quickly killing Hunters who have separated from the herd.

If you find yourself up against four Hunters who don't work well as a team, try and kill the lot from the shadows.

Your Evolve monster's abilities can be used for offence AND defence

Many of the Monsters' abilities are viable options not only for taking out the Hunters, but also giving you valuable time to run away. Take the first monster, Goliath, for instance: its Rock Throw and Charge abilities are great to use early on in a match to disperse the Hunters then flee to safety.

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