Evolve gives you numerous classes to play as when you're a hunter, and it's not the easiest game to get into. We've got some tips and tricks to get you going when you first start playing Evolve.

What's the best way to unlock new characters in Evolve?

Because Evolve forces you to upgrade three of each character's abilities before unlocking the next character, it's better to spend time in single-player where you can focus on earning XP in each skill.

Trying to unlock a full or near-full roster is important, as it'll allow you to pick and choose Hunters or a Monster best suited to the mode and your opponent(s).

If, for instance, as Markov (the Assault class), you have to focus on using his mines, doing so with AI bots is a good idea as they won't be too bothered by your lack of assistance.

How to use your jetpack to travel faster in Evolve

Double-tapping jump makes you perform a jetpack dodge. While this is a great escape method in fights with the Monster, it's also a great way to chase it down quicker while exploring the map, too.

Using the jetpack dodge to follow the Monster's tracks is an effective way of staying on its tail, preventing an easy escape. Also, the quicker you travel, the faster Daisy moves and trails the Monster too.

The jetpack dodge is more effective when moving from high-to-low ground, as the boost lasts for much longer. Keep this in mind when trying to catch up, also don't use all of your fuel when you think you might be close, as you'll need some in the tank to get around and away from danger.

How best to use the Medic in Evolve - stay out of danger

To survive clashes with whichever Monster you're up against, it's important for the Medic to stay as far away from danger as possible while helping out the more frontline classes. It's the Medic's responsibility to keep the other classes' health up, and also (depending on which Medic you've selected) revive downed teammates.

Losing the Medic makes the rest of a match really tough for Hunters. You're stuck with whatever damage the Monster deals and it's very easy to get overwhelmed with its barrage of attacks. While Assault and Trapper may be responsible for dealing a large chunk of damage, it's Medic and Support who keep the Hunters in the fight.

How to use Maggie's pet Daisy in Hunt

Hunt mode has the four Hunters try to find and kill the Monster, and for this you're going to need Maggie's sidekick, Daisy. Daisy, a pet Trapjaw, can track down the Monster even without footprints to follow.

If you're facing a skilled Monster, at the very least they'll jump and crawl away from the spawn point to give you nothing to follow at the start of the match. Not only is Daisy excellent at following the Monster no matter where they hide, she can also revive downed players by licking them.

For other game modes, where the Monster is likely to come to your or your focus isn't primarily on the Monster, another Trapper is more suitable. But in Hunt, Daisy is essential.

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