eFootball 2023: How to defend

eFootball 2023: How to defend
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Defending is one of the most challenging things to get used to in eFootball. Fortunately it is largely the same in eFootball 2023, as it was in eFootball 2022, so there won’t be much of a learning curve for returning players. 

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If you’re jumping on eFootball for the first time though, this is a great guide to get you started, whilst also making sure you don’t concede any silly goals. A good team needs a solid defensive base in order to compete. 

The biggest part about defending is your decision making, trying to figure out whether to go in for the slide, or just apply a bit of pressure and hope the opposition make a mistake. It’ll take time to figure this out, timing is key – fortunately practice makes perfect. 

Below are the controls for what to do while defending:

How to slide tackle:

  • PlayStation: O
  • Xbox: B

How to stand Tackle: 

  • PlayStation: Double tap X
  • Xbox: Double tap A

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How to pressure: 

  • PlayStation: Hold X
  • Xbox: Hold A

How to get teammates to pressure: 

  • PlayStation: R1
  • Xbox: RB

How to bring out the keeper:

  • PlayStation: △
  • Xbox: Y