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Sony is "actively push[ing]" for PlayStation 4 developers to deliver games that render at 60FPS/1080p, according to a developer working on the console.

Discussing the differences between PS4 and Xbox One with Eurogamer, Stewart Gilray, who is working on a secret PS4 game at Just Add Water, said:

"We might see slightly smoother framerates on PS4. We're working with Sony right now, and they're trying to actively push 60 frames per second, 1080p.

"You might get situations where the graphics will be a little, but not much, lower quality on the Xbox One," he continued. "Or, you might get some fixed at 30 frames per second situations in 1080p. It depends on the scale of the game.

"If your game is going to push the heck out of the PS4, you might have to do some little tweaks [for the Xbox One version]. But if you design your game to work on Xbox One at 60, it's going to work on PS4 at 60."

The difference in performance will likely come down to the boost offered by PS4's 8GB GDDR5 RAM, which Gilray previously told had been kept secret from third-party developers prior to the console's reveal.

In comparison, Xbox One features 8GB of slower DDR3 memory, of which 3GB are reserved for system resources.

Both consoles are due to launch later this year.

Source: Eurogamer

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Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ DoctorMontalban

I'll be too busy playing games.
Posted 18:27 on 09 June 2013
mariapetrovic's Avatar


60 FPS? After watching The Hobbit in 48 FPS, I can't wait! Bring it on.
Posted 12:57 on 09 June 2013
mcnasty72's Avatar


I think you missed the point, the PS4 has faster memory DDR5 vs DDR3. Its the difference between system memory in a PC like 4GB of RAM and the memory found in discrete video cards like a GTX 680.
Posted 15:43 on 31 May 2013

Neon-Soldier32@ 01748981

Even though you're unlikely to ever come back to the site:

The PS4 will use some of the RAM, obviously: I mean, your computer may have 4GB RAM but 1GB, for example, may be needed to run the OS.

Some of the PS4's RAM will be used for system stuff probably, but no one knows how much.
Posted 22:21 on 26 May 2013
01748981's Avatar


So is it confirmed that all 8GB of ram for the PS4 will be used for gaming. Or will PS4 do the same as Xbox One and use a percentage of the ram for other resources?
Posted 20:48 on 26 May 2013


I'll predict now that there will be very little in it between the 2 consoles, despite the better specs, the similar setup will mean games will be ported for multi-platform titles.
Posted 21:41 on 25 May 2013
DoctorMontalban's Avatar


Yeah, well good luck ordering pizza and changing channels on your PS4.
Posted 19:03 on 25 May 2013
Darkman1980's Avatar


I will admit that I've been a xbox owner since crimson skies and I have never lost hope in the company not once. After the whatever, you wanna call it, ***** of a show. My personal approval rating for them just went to hell. Thanks xbox for the time invested but every dynasty must fall and every sick dog must be put down. Here boy....., here boy, that's right. Make your way behind the barn and close your eyes, that's right.....that's right......... BANG BITCH!!!
Posted 01:58 on 25 May 2013
rico_rico's Avatar


I'm xbox owner for more than 6 years and I'm gana admit that sony surprised MS with ddr5 ram and its very hard for ms to put ddr5 without losing some serious $$$$$$ and some delay let's see how it's gana challenge 1st party studio (sony)
Posted 15:28 on 24 May 2013
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