Plays, 30th July, 2016 - Abzu, Yooka-Laylee, Mad Max

The one where Tom compares an award winning game to a boring BBC drama, and Dave makes some terrible puns.

1 Publish date Today, 09:10am

Space station simulator Stable Orbit announced for PC

Build and run your own space station this October.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:16pm

Slender dev's new game 'Valley' launches in August

Control life and death in mysterious new adventure.

Publish date Yesterday, 14:13pm

FIFA 17 gets UK's first public hands-on at Insomnia58

New football game playable at next month's show.

Publish date Yesterday, 12:10pm

Here's how much space you'll need to use PlayStation VR

Sony recommends a 3m x 1.9m play area to use upcoming VR headset.

Publish date Yesterday, 11:44am

Capcom teases Project Palm - but is it Dragon's Dogma 2?

UPDATE: Famitsu suggests it's a mobile game for girls.

Publish date Yesterday, 09:28am

Ape Escape 2 could be the next PS2 Classic on PS4

Trophies appear ahead of official announcement.

1 Publish date Yesterday, 11:14am

DriveClub VR officially announced, is a PlayStation VR launch title in Japan

Details on a western release yet to be confirmed.

Publish date Yesterday, 10:31am

'Early copy' of No Man's Sky sells for $2,000 on eBay

Are copies out in the wild?

Publish date Yesterday, 09:57am

Sony sold 3.5m PS4 consoles in the last quarter

Up from 3 million the year before.

Publish date Yesterday, 09:15am

Rollercoaster Dreams announced for PS4 & PSVR

From the creators of PS2's Rollercoaster World.

Publish date 28 Jul 2016 at 5:09pm

DOOM's first multiplayer DLC pack launches next week

And you can play it even if you don't own it.

Publish date 28 Jul 2016 at 4:29pm

Quadrilateral Cowboy Review

Hacked off.

Publish date 28 Jul 2016 at 4:15pm

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault enters open beta, goes free-to-play

PC shooter now open to all on Steam.

Publish date 28 Jul 2016 at 3:24pm

Yooka-Laylee Toybox demo available to Kickstarter backers today

Special demo now available to PC players who pledged at least £20.

Publish date 28 Jul 2016 at 2:30pm


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