Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo delayed to 2016

Rally racer slips back from original October release date.

1 Publish date Yesterday, 17:37pm

It's official: ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC in August

But now it's just called Zombi.

Publish date Yesterday, 17:00pm

Five Nights At Freddy's 4: Two Cowards Play

Ever wanted to see two people break while playing a video game? Then here you go...

Publish date Yesterday, 16:09pm

The Talos Principle arrives on PS4 in October

First-person puzzler gets confirmed release date for physical and digital editions.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:27pm

Tropico 5 is coming to Xbox One in 2016

And it has exclusive content, too.

Publish date Yesterday, 15:08pm

Koei Tecmo's latest game is basically anime Dynasty Warriors

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend coming to PS4, Xbox One and PS3 in early 2016.

1 Publish date Yesterday, 14:35pm

First Total War: Warhammer gameplay footage revealed

10-minute video shows off The Battle of Black Fire Pass.

Publish date Yesterday, 14:13pm

PS4's new Vote To Play system lets you vote for your next PS Plus game

Vote for your next freebie through your PS4.

10 Publish date Yesterday, 13:14pm

EA undecided on the return of annual Need For Speed

Publisher waiting to see how this year's game goes before making any decisions.

Publish date Yesterday, 12:43pm

Capcom asks fans for their opinions on a Resident Evil 2 remake

Acknowledges enthusiasm for a remake of horror classic.

5 Publish date Yesterday, 11:49am

PS4 has been the best-selling console in the UK every month this year

PS4 sales outstripping Xbox One month after month, Sony claims.

Publish date Yesterday, 11:16am

Worms 4 skipping PC, heading to iOS in August

Latest Worms introduces new weapons and team-based faction wars.

Publish date Yesterday, 10:46am

Yooka-Laylee to be published by Team17, physical release being considered

Worms developer to assist with localisation, certification, QA and marketing.

1 Publish date Yesterday, 10:20am


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