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Fan made live action Zelda short gets a teaser trailer

The Zelda Project has joined forces with Tom Grey and Sonya Belousova from Player Piano.

1 Publish date 52 Minutes Ago

Xbox Live Gold won't be required for multiplayer gaming on Windows 10

PC users will continue getting free access to online multiplayer, despite Xbox Live integration.

1 Publish date 52 Minutes Ago

RollerCoaster Tycoon World gameplay footage leaves fans disappointed

"Oh my God. This looks horrible."

2 Publish date Today, 09:51am

Microsoft has 'no problem' with indie games shipping first on PS4

But only if a dev doesn't "have the resources to simultaneously ship".

1 Publish date Today, 09:17am

Elite Dangerous will come to PS4, Frontier confirms

Space sim is a timed exclusive on Xbox One.

9 Publish date Yesterday, 11:11am

White Night Review

Realms of the haunting.

2 Publish date Yesterday, 15:06pm

Play Evolve this weekend to grab free Gold Monster Skins

Turtle Rock giving away developer-exclusive skins to everybody who plays Evolve this weekend.

Publish date Yesterday, 14:46pm

Rock Band 4 coming to PS4 & Xbox One later this year

Harmonix can't confirm if legacy peripherals will work, but would love it to happen.

2 Publish date Yesterday, 14:21pm

5 Terrible Games That Were Nothing More Than Graphical Showcases

Some games make your eyes cry with joy. And then you play them...

3 Publish date Yesterday, 13:58pm

Screamride: The VGVS

The team battle it out in Frontier's daft theme-park sim thing on Xbox One. Destruction mode is a bit like Angry Birds, except in 3D and that.

Publish date Yesterday, 11:59am

Windows 10 to support Xbox One wireless controller with new adapter

Future wireless accessories will also be supported.

Publish date Yesterday, 11:41am

Total War: Attila sold 21,680 copies in the UK during its first week

And over 80 per cent of them were sold digitally.

1 Publish date Yesterday, 10:53am

Rare's 30th anniversary is an important time, teases Xbox head Phil Spencer

Is Microsoft ready to reveal the studio's next game?

Publish date Yesterday, 10:20am

Creative Assembly reveals gameplay footage of Alien Isolation's third-person build

Third-person viewpoint prototyped during development of last year's top horror game.

5 Publish date Yesterday, 10:18am

Wasteland 2 is also coming to PS4

Joins the recently announced Xbox One version.

Publish date Yesterday, 09:48am


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