PS4 gets temporary price cut in UK - £329 this weekend only

PS4 hardware reduced ahead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Publish date 18 Minutes Ago

Something For The Weekend: Mimicry Man

Chris jumps into the recently translated Mimicry Man. It's rather lovely.

Publish date Today, 17:28pm

The Crew's PC specs & exclusive visual enhancements revealed

TXAA and HBAO+ added to PC version for cleaner image.

1 Publish date Today, 15:35pm

You can import all your LittleBigPlanet DLC, collected items & creations into LBP3

Great for players who have invested lots of time and money into the series.

1 Publish date Today, 15:35pm

Battlecry: Gameplay Teaser

Get a pre-alpha tease of the action you can expect from Battlecry.

Publish date Today, 14:24pm

Here's 10 minutes of new Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage

Take an early look at FFXV's massive open-world.

4 Publish date Today, 12:51pm

World of Warcraft will still be around in 10 years' time, says Blizzard

Lead designer Ion Hazzikostas is confident the MMO will carry on into adulthood.

2 Publish date Today, 11:59am

New trailer shows off Toybox Turbos' 18 tracks

Inspired by childhood locations, including the breakfast table, science lab and pool table.

Publish date Today, 11:29am

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Fellatio is Implied

According to the ESRB, Dragon Age is about to get very saucy indeed.

Publish date Today, 10:44am

Nordic Games acquires de Blob IP

But what for?

Publish date Today, 10:35am

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date brought forward to November 28 in Europe

That's an entire week earlier than originally planned.

Publish date Today, 10:31am

PS4 sales reach 13.5 million

3.3m sold last quarter.

9 Publish date Today, 10:03am

November's Games with Gold include Volgarr the Viking on Xbox One

Free to those with an Xbox Live Gold membership.

2 Publish date Today, 10:02am

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's live action trailer is totally dudebro

Features Hollywood actor Taylor Kitsch and is directed by Hancock's Peter Berg.

13 Publish date Today, 09:45am

Far Cry 4 has gone gold

Development wrapped up on open-world shooter.

2 Publish date Today, 09:34am


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