xbox one 11 -
xbox one 11 -

Xbox One features 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a slower type of memory to PS4's GDDR5, online reports have confirmed.

Joystiq has published a report of the upcoming console's specs, which is said to include an "8 Core CPU custom built by Microsoft" and the DDR3 memory. IGN also says that the console's RAM is confirmed to be DDR3-spec.

Though DDR3 memory is widely used in electronic devices, GDDR5 is designed specifically for high bandwidth video use.

3GB of Xbox One's RAM is also said to be reserved for system resources, including apps and the console's three operating systems, leaving 5GB for other processes.

Sony, on the other hand, is said to have "already ring-fenced the system memory away from the game memory," suggesting that PS4 developers may have access to the full 8GB for game development.

Xbox One was announced in Washington last night. For more on the system's functionality, take a flick through the fact sheet.

Source: Joystiq, IGN

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lolhi1122's Avatar


First off i am mainly a pc gamer and pcs are more powerful no doubt about that but i have yet to use my maximum ram which is 8 gigs for all the types of games that run on xbox and ps3 only used about 20 to 30% the only games i have gotten even close to max was rts games with unlimted unit count example star ruler and i doubt anyone will be even able to tell the slightest difference from the look of a ps4 and the look of an xbox sense the processor and graphics card is both made by amd. and besides the face the i dont need to using a stupid tv remote with so many buttons that i have never used is just awesome dont get why so many people are complain about the tv advantages. If you complain about the specs on a xbox and so your going to ps4 or ps4 to xbox that's just dumb because the you wont see a difference in look but pc you will see a difference. Also side note xbox and ps3 ONLY HAVE 512 mb OF RAM so even having 5 of gigs of ram to use will do way much more but i dont think the max will be used because it is rarely used with pc. The only reason to go to ps4 or xbox is the slight diffences in the kinnect or whatever sony is calling theirs and the few exclusive games as well as the controller will be the only noticeable stuff enough of these stupid complaints about how xbox is ignoring its gaming community. and the fact that if im playing a game and i get stuck on a mission and i can look up a walkthrough or a tutorial right beside the game im playing is also awsome i dont see a downside to the xbox that that the ps4 doesn't have, example both systems will not be backwards compatible meaning none of them wont be able to play the games on previous systems. Really just stop with the complaints. go on this, your games will look better and have more features then ever before and that is with both systems
Posted 06:48 on 09 June 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


3GB for system resources..???

Oh wait, it's a Microsoft OS.
Posted 21:03 on 22 May 2013

Grammartron@ munkee

Don't get me wrong, Xbox is and always has been my console of choice, I don't want to seem like I'm bashing it unnecessarily. I'd be picking one up on Day 1 if I could because I'm so heavily invested in Xbox as a brand at this point, but the mandatory Kinect means that I literally won't be able to buy one, as I don't have the space, so I'm already massively bummed about the whole thing.

And now with every detail that's confirmed, the less I feel that I have any value as a long-term and loyal Xbox customer, as what I need is a games machine, not a multimedia hub. Gamers seem to be getting a pretty raw deal from this hardware based on initial impressions.
Posted 14:17 on 22 May 2013
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Ghost_Dog

Can't wait to see what ND, Santa Monica, Quantic Dreams and Evolution (to name a few) do with the PS4!!!!
Posted 13:57 on 22 May 2013
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


I guess this means that Uncharted 4 is going to look amazing ;)
Posted 13:54 on 22 May 2013
Ecosse's Avatar


Well, that's pretty much decided it for me, it'll be PS4 for me.

Like Munkee says, the multi platform stuff will be the same, but PS4 exclusives will look way better (or should)
Posted 13:20 on 22 May 2013
Endless's Avatar


It's all coming out now.

I still think MS has the best offering, but all these little things are stacking up against them.
Posted 13:17 on 22 May 2013
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ Grammartron

Even if the multi-platform developers cater for the lower spec machine, it will only make the Playstation first party games shine. 5GB DDR3 compared to 8GB DDR5 is a HUGE memory gap.

The poor Xbox seems to be taking a lot of PR damage right now. When it comes to actually playing games I can't imagine there will be too much difference between the consoles.
Posted 12:56 on 22 May 2013
MJTH's Avatar


So it technically has only 5GB of ram available to developers to use, for games. Well that's a bit disappointing.
Posted 12:54 on 22 May 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ Grammartron

"But will third-party devs still optimise titles for the lowest common denominator as they have this gen"

Almost certainly, I imagine. I can't see many (if any) third-parties stretching to maximise the extra budget offered to them by PS4's GDDR5. A big shame given the potential.
Posted 12:53 on 22 May 2013


And the hits keep on coming.

Guessing this is largely due to the three operating systems and large focus on TV and non-gaming services. Lots of stuff going on in there at all times. No wonder they're keen to point out that they're "not focussing on the highest-end graphics possible."

But will third-party devs still optimise titles for the lowest common denominator as they have this gen, as the discrepancy could be more noticeable this time round? :[
Posted 12:48 on 22 May 2013
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