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Teafant is a Water element type Pal in Palworld. It can be found on the starting island around the Fort Ruins. Despite its cutesy look, Teafant can be a handy Pal at the base and in an active party in the early game thanks to its utility. It is also an excellent source of Pal Fluids which can be used in crafting various items.


Teafant is a small cream coloured elephant-like Pal shaped like a teapot. Its short trunk oddly resembles the spout, which it uses to water crops. On top of its head is the teapot cover in the form of a light blue floral pattern. From the center of this pattern also grows a tuft of light blue fur which gives off the appearance of a finial. The tip of its butterfly ears and tails are also colored light blue.

Paldeck Entry

teafant in palworld

Paldeck Number

Teafant's entry in the Paldeck codex is 016.


Teafant's element is Water type, meaning it is weak against Electric element Pals but stronger against Fire element Pals.

Hunger Level

Teafant's Hunger Level is 2, indicating a Hunger Bar having 150 points.

Paldeck Description

Large amounts of water pour from what is thought to be its nose, though some say that it is, in fact, just snot. This has sparked a fierce debate among Pal scholars.

Work Suitability

  • Watering Level 1


teafant in palworld teafant in palworld

Pal Item Drops

When Teafant is defeated or captured, it drops the following items:

  • Pal Fluid
  • Partner Skills

Teafant has the following default Partner Skill, which cannot be changed.

  • Soothing Shower

When Soothing Shower is activated, players can restore health points.


Teafant can also learn the following skills automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Aqua Gun (Water)
  • Level 7 - Hydro Jet (Water)
  • Level 15 - Sand Blast (Ground)
  • Level 22 - Bubble Blast (Water)
  • Level 30 - Acid Rain (Water)
  • Level 40 - Aqua Burst (Water)
  • Level 50 - Hydro Laser (Water)

Breeding Combinations

Here's a list of Pals that can be bred to obtain Teafant:

  • Chikipi x Teafant
  • Chikipi x Mau
  • Teafant x Teafant