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Lizpunk Ignis is a Fire element type Pal in Palworld. It exclusively spawns around the western part of Mount Obsidian, but due to the high-level region, players are better off obtaining one through breeding. Leezpunk Ignis aids in finding dungeons in the overworld with its Sixth Sense ability and drops Flame Organ and Silver Key.


Leezpunk Ignis is the fiery brethren of the normal Leezpunk. Instead of the black hoodie sweater, Leezpunk Ignis wears a red one with a light red V-pattern. The jagged mohawk which was once yellow, showcases a similar color to the pattern. The rest of Leezpunk Ignis's features are strikingly similar to its Dark counterpart.

Paldeck Number

Leezpunk Ignis's entry in the Paldeck codex is 045B.


Leezpunk Ignis's element is Fire type, meaning it is weak to Water element Pals, but strong against Grass and Ice element Pals.

Hunger Level

Leezpunk Ignis's Hunger Level is 3, indicating a hunger bar of 225 points.

Paldeck Entry Description

A Pal that has an unusual obsession with their standing posture. Always in search of the hottest pose, this Pal's owner is constantly presented with fervent stances.

Work Suitability

  • Kindling Level 1
  • Gathering Level 1
  • Handiwork 1evel 1
  • Transporting Level 1

Pal Item Drops

When Leezpunk Ignis is killed or captured it drops the following items:

  • Flame Organ
  • Silver Key

Partner Skills

Leezpunk Ignis has the following default Partner Skill which can not be changed:

  • Sixth Sense

It allows it to locate dungeons while exploring the overworld.


Lizpunk Ignis can also learn the following abilities automatically at every few levels:

  • Level 1 - Ignis Blast (Fire)
  • Level 7 - Poison Shot (Dark)
  • Level 15 - Spirit Fire (Fire)
  • Level 22 - Ignis Breath (Fire)
  • Level 30 - Flare Storm (Fire)
  • Level 40 - Ignis Rage (Fire)
  • Level 50 - Fire Ball (Fire)

Breeding Combinations

Here’s a list of breeding combinations where the resulting child is Leezpunk Ignis:

  • Leezpunk x Flambelle
  • Leezpunk Ignis x Leezpunk Ignis