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Best Samsung A53 case in 2023 – our top picks

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Getting the best Samsung A53 case will help protect this innovative, and expensive device.

The Samsung A53 is a pretty special phone. With a 120Hz Super-AMOLED display, 2 day battery, and a gorgeous camera, it would be fair to say it is high-tech. It’s hardy as well, being waterproof for up the 30 minutes in the right conditions.

However, despite all these innovations, like any phone, it can be dropped and broken. Getting a durable and strong case, protects against this and can potentially save you a tonne of cash.

Not only that, but cases can increase the functionality of your phone as well. We’ve picked a wide range of them here, some of which have neat extra features like card holders or stands for hands-free viewing.

Though some heads may have been turned by the recent Samsung Galaxy S23 release date speculation, many people would rather protect their current device than shell out for a new one. Well, we’re here to help you do this, let’s get into our picks for the best Samsung A53 case.


Best Samsung A53 case in 2023

Best overall case for Samsung A53 – Speck ImpactHero

Check price: Speck ImpactHero on Amazon

The Speck ImpactHero manages to be both durable and stylish, slim yet hardy. For these reasons, it is our choice for best overall case to house your Samsung A53 in.

As the name suggests, this case can handle impact, impact from drops of up the 8 feet in fact. There are raised bezels for further screen protection as well as the option to go for a slightly more expensive version that comes with a screen protector included.

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Speck achieved this while keeping the case’s weight low and profile slim. This is complemented by a tastefully simple overall look. The material is scratch resistant and anti-strenth. This improves longevity while also granting the case a soft and grippy feel.

Best premium case for Samsung A53 – Galaxy Silicone Cover with Strap

Check price: Galaxy Silicone Cover with Strap on Amazon

This unique and stylish case fits snuggly around your phone, preserving and complementing its sleek design.

The material is high-quality silicon for a soft but grippy feel. It’s hard to make from the picture but there is also a matte finish for an added flourish of style.

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Speaking of style we should address the elephant in the room, the strap. This is a novel take on cases which aim to increase grip. It’s also one that allows you to express yourself. There are over 16 strap styles to choose from, including different colours as well as, intricate patterns and even ones with animals on them.

While perhaps not to everyone’s taste this strap is striking and gels well with the look of the phone, which is not surprising considering Samsung themselves designed it.

Best protective case for Samsung A53 – Oterkin Waterproof Case

Check price: Oterkin Waterproof Case on Amazon

This impressively hardy and durable case protects your phone not only from drops and falls but the elements as well. With full 360-degree coverage, you can be confident your phone will brush off most impacts. This is helped by shock-absorbent bumpers and raised edges.

The front cover also fully seals the phone, protecting it from full submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. That’s 30 minutes before the water even gets into contact with the already waterproofed phone itself. It also has the added bonus of protecting your screen from scratches and debris build-up, both of which can occur in the pocket.

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The clear back not only means that the rear camera’s picture quality is not compromised but also allows for the Samsung A53 itself to shine through.

It also ships with a lanyard that can attach to the case itself, reducing the chances of drops occurring in the first place.

Best case with cardholder for Samsung A53 – Samsung S-View Wallet Cover

Check price: Samsung S-View Wallet Cover on Amazon

Many will be able to leave their bulky wallet at home with this case which stores up to 3 cards in a concealed compartment on the front flap. This panel also serves to protect your screen from scratches and debris.

The clear plastic at the top of this panel is a brilliant addition. It allows you to check the time and notifications on your phone without having to fully open the case. Not only is this convenient and time-saving, but also keeps your cards concealed and your phone screen protected.

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Furthermore, the case is made from recycled materials, making it a great option for a conscientious consumer, worried about the excess plastic buying a new phone case may create.

Best case with stand for Samsung A53 – Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Case

Check price: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Case On Amazon

This Supcase has a sturdy and durable stand that is able to support your phone both vertically and horizontally. Its viewing angle is convenient both for watching media, or video calling. The stand itself can also double up as a phone grip.

They haven’t skimped on protection either with deep bezels around the camera and screen, granting them high levels of shielding.

The design is precise and detailed, with well placed and responsive cutouts for button and port access. The case itself also looks great, with a textured grip on the side. However, it would have been nice to see some alternative colourways made available.

Frequently asked questions

Is Samsung A53 waterproof?

Yes – the Samsung A53 is waterproof at depths of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Does the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G support wireless charging?

No – while this is a shame, and inconvenient for some, it does give case makers freedom as they do not need to worry about blocking wireless charging.

Are Samsung A53 cases cheap?

You can find especially cheap Samsung A53 cases on online retailers.