ASUS vs Acer monitors – which brand is best for gaming?

ASUS vs Acer monitors – which brand is best for gaming?
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Let’s break down ASUS vs Acer as we consider which brand makes the best gaming monitors.

When it comes to selecting a gaming monitor, there are two brands you’ll likely find in your search – ASUS and Acer.

These two powerhouses of the monitor scene both deliver the goods in terms of quality, performance, and value for money, but they have slight differences that may sway you to one side over the other. If you want to start looking at specifics, consider our top picks for the best gaming monitors.

Here we’ll be comparing the two brands and exploring what they have to offer, and which one we think is best for your specific needs. There’s no shortage of monitors available, so we’re hoping our expertise can help you make a better informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

ASUS monitors

ASUS was founded in Taiwan in 1989, and they make a tonne of different monitors for a wide range of different usages. You’ll find everything from portable monitors, high-end creative displays, and of course, many high-performance gaming monitors.

You’ll find their ASUS ROG line housing some of their most premium monitors, and their ASUS TUF Gaming series directed more towards affordability.

Acer monitors

Acer is also a Taiwanese corporation and was founded in 1976. Like ASUS, they offer a wide range of gaming monitors, including their Acer Nitro and Acer Predator lines.

Acer generally offers a brilliant blend of specs and affordability, often undercutting their competition on price. Like ASUS, they have a versatile range of monitors but particularly excel when it comes to ergonomic form factor.

ASUS vs Acer gaming monitors – design

Now while the looks of a monitor aren’t particularly important when it comes to gaming itself, they do play a big part when it comes to your ultimate choice for your setup.

Acer and ASUS monitors differ quite substantially when it comes to design. For greater insight, we spoke to Charlie Noon, WePC’s monitor expert:

Of course, when taking design into consideration, the brands differ quite substantially. ASUS’ ROG Swift lineup features a refined, premium styling that is arguably the most polished in today’s market. By contrast, Acer’s Predator lineup isn’t quite as high-end, leaning more into gaming features such as RGB.
Looks aside, there is a discernible difference when comparing the build quality of the two brands. In this area, ASUS definitely takes lead position. The materials and finish in ASUS monitors feel far more premium – a characteristic that has been with the brand for years.

Charlie Noon, WePC

ASUS vs Acer monitors – gaming

If you’re specifically looking for a gaming monitor, then you’ll need to prioritize a monitor with a low response time, high refresh rate, and the right ports for your needs.

In our top picks for the best gaming monitors for PS5 and best OLED monitors, ASUS consistently features at the top. For example, the ASUS ROG Swift 41.5 inch monitor stands out for its blistering low response time.

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That’s not to say Acer doesn’t deliver the goods. In fact, Acer excels in producing monitors with excellent gaming displays that produce excellent color contrasts. We’d also say that generally, Acer’s gaming monitor range costs less than ASUS, so if you’re on a budget, your first port of call should be Acer.

ASUS vs Acer gaming monitors – value

Notable product lines include their ASUS ROG and ASUS TUF Gaming series, both of which are tailored towards gamers. While ASUS ROG goes all-in with performance for those with more budget, the ASUS TUF range presents a more affordable option without sacrificing too much performance.

Overall, we’d lean towards Acer if you want as many high-quality specs packed into a respectable price. If you want to be pointed in the right direction, you should consider the Acer XF243Y which features a high refresh rate, G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility, HDR, and an IPS panel, all for a very reasonable price.

Final word

Overall, the final decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. As always, choosing between two giants like ASUS and Acer becomes a balancing act between price and performance.

However, since you came for an answer, we’ll give you this one:

If you’re number one priority is value then you should look at Acer’s range first. The money you might potentially save between brands might allow you to go for a 1440p display instead of a 1080p.

ASUS potentially has the edge in terms of design, meaning you should lean towards their line of monitors if you’re a more serious gamer with a more comfortable budget.

Frequently asked questions

Does Acer make good computer monitors?

Yes – Acer is one of the top electronic brands, earning themselves a great reputation for high quality monitors that deliver on performance.

What type of monitor is best for gaming?

1080p monitors are popular since they provide a decent display without compromising on frame rates. You’ll also want to choose a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 60Hz for smooth gameplay.