Nvidia RTX 4070 vs 4080 – which graphics card should you go for?

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We’re having a look at the Nvidia RTX 4070 vs 4080 to see how these graphics cards compare.

The RTX 4070 is a powerful new graphics card from Nvidia. The positive reviews for the powerful and affordable new card are rolling so we’re having a look at how it compares to other similar GPUs.

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We’ve already done the RTX 4070 vs 4070 Ti, and now we’re seeing how it looks in comparison to the bigger and more powerful RTX 4080. The 4080 came out late last year and packs a serious punch. We’ll get into a full breakdown of its abilities but essentially it is one of the most powerful graphics cards Nvidia, or anyone, has ever released.

We’ll be splitting our comparison up into different sections, which should hopefully give you a fuller picture of the RTX 4070, and how it differs from the RTX 4080. Let’s get into it.

RTX 4070 vs 4080 – specs

SpecsRTX 4070RTX 4080
RT Cores3rd Gen3rd Gen
Tensor Cores 4th Gen4th Gen
Stream Processors / CUDA Cores5,8889728
Base Clock1,920MHz2,205MHz
GDDR6X Memory12GB16GB
Dimensionsnot known310 x 140 x 61mm

This table gives a pretty good overview of the differences between these cards. Essentially they have similar technology but the RTX 4080 packs in more of that tech. For example, both have GDDR6X memory, which brings with it unprecedented bandwidth and speed, but the 4080 has 4GB more of it.

It’s a similar story when it comes to core count, with the RTX 4080 having almost double the CUDA cores of the RTX 4070. So how will this translate to performance?

Well, simply put the RTX 4080 performs better. It achieves higher frame rates in more games and at higher resolutions.

However, this is by design. We are comparing a top-end GPU to a mid-range one. In fact, the 4080 is one of the most powerful GPUs ever released, and you can expect to pay a premium for this.

Meanwhile, the RTX 4070 brings the latest groundbreaking technology down to a more affordable price.

RTX 4070 vs 4080 – architecture

Architecture is the most significant similarity between these two GPUs. Because both are part of Nvidia’s 40-series, they are both built using the groundbreaking Ada Lovelace architecture. This brings with it a tonne of technological advancement and high-tech features which enhance performance.

For example, both have 3rd generation Ray Tracing cores and 4th generation Tensor cores. The former greatly improves ray tracing abilities while the latter help with AI and other deep learning algorithms used to optimise performance.

It’s the tensor cores that allow DLSS 3 to provide such a significant uptick in frame rates, without drawing more power or relying on more hardware, for example.

RTX 4070 vs 4080 – performance

It’s all very well crunching numbers and talking cores, but it’s how the GPUs perform when gaming that really matters.

The RTX 4080 is one of the most impressive GPUs we’ve ever seen. It will easily produce over 100 frames a second at 4K. This is more than even some of the best 4K monitors can keep up with.

It has also taken ray tracing to the next level, making use of the lighting technology while keeping frame rates high. This is thanks to two things – its 76 3rd generation ray tracing cores and DLSS, a technology that uses AI to optimise performance and increase frame rates.

The RTX 4070 features these too, but, as we have discussed, it is behind the RTX 4080 in certain key specs. As a result of this, it is still capable of reaching fast frame rates at high resolutions, but not as capable as the 4080.

RTX 4070 vs 4080 – price

The RTX 4070 has an MSRP of $599. This price significantly undercuts the other cards in the RTX 40-series. In fact, it is almost half of the asking price of the RTX 4080.

Nvidia’s top-end GPUs have always been costly and the RTX 4080 didn’t buck that trend coming out with an MSRP of $1,199. However, it is important to not forget that for that price you are getting a significantly more powerful graphics card.

If you are looking for the pinnacle of gaming performance and have the cash to afford it, the RTX 4080 is by no means a bad deal.

RTX 4070 vs 4080 – which one should you go for?

The RTX 4070 is the least expensive card in the RTX 40 series that we’ve seen so far. This will make it a tempting offer for many who want to get their hands on the latest innovations that Lovelace architecture brings, without breaking the bank while doing so.

Meanwhile, the RTX 4080 is a gaming beast, offering almost unparalleled high performance across the board and on any game you can throw at it. If you want the top level of performance and have the necessary funds it’s definitely the one to go for.

Overall, the RTX 4070 is a great mid-range pick for those who want high performance and elite ray tracing ability but don’t want to fork out over $1K.

Frequently asked questions

Is the RTX 4070 good at gaming?

Yes the RTX 4070 has a very good gaming performance. This is because it is a mid-range card within the RTX 40-series, this means you can essentially guarantee better ray tracing and frame rates than the RTX 3070, which is itself a very capable card.

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