RTX 4060 specs – how powerful is it?

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We now know the RTX 4060 specs and the card itself has been released. Let’s get into them.

As soon as the RTX 4070 was released, it was inevitable that the RTX 4060 was next. What came along was a whole family of them. The RTX 4060’s release date has passed, as has the release date of one of the RTX 4060 Ti cards, the 16GB version is set to make an appearance in July.

We’re focused here on the RTX 4060, however. We have an official list of specifications, so, the next question is how powerful it is.

Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

RTX 4060 specs – what we know

Nvidia released a comprehensive specs sheet for the full RTX 4060 family. One bit of information we have not listed here is the dimensions of the card. This is because they vary by manufacturer, which is fairly common for RTX cards and simply means that each AIB may have a slightly different frame.

Here’s a breakdown of the RTX 4060 specs

  • Architecture – Lovelace
  • CUDA Cores – 3072
  • Base Clock – 2,460MHz
  • Boost Clock – 1,830MHz
  • Memory – 8GB GDDR6
  • Memory Bus – 128-bit
  • Dimensions – Varies by manufacturer
  • TDP – 115W

These confirmed specs make the RTX 4060 the least powerful card in the RTX 40-series so far, but it is also by far the cheapest. What’s more, being the least powerful card in the more powerful range of GPUs we’ve seen, is by no means an insult.

We’re confident the performance of this card will still be high, thanks in no smaller part to the Lovelace exclusive features, such as DLSS 3, now made available for cheaper than ever before.

The TDP is also impressively low at 115W. The cost of running an expensive gaming rig for a few hours a day can quickly rack up, so this efficiency will help keep operational costs low.

RTX 4060 Architecture

The RTX 4060 supports DLSS 3 and is powered by Ada Lovelace architecture. The technology was announced by Nvidia back in September 2022. It works by using AI to generate high-resolution images using a compressed lower resolution version of the same image. This allows for higher FPS rates while maintaining a baseline of image quality.

Ada Lovelace technology is Nvidia’s latest offering to the GPU market, and it dominates. Ada architecture has 76 billion transistors, is built on ‘a custom TSMC 4N process’, and offers double the performance of Ampere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the RTX 4060 specs confirmed?

Yes, while for a while we were relying on leaks and speculation, we now have official and certified RTX 4060 specs.

How much will the 4060 cost?

The RTX 4060 will have a release date MSRP of $299.

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