RTX 4050 release date rumors – when could it launch?

RTX 4050 release date rumors – when could it launch?
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For those wondering about the RTX 4050 release date rumors and speculating when it could launch, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

There has been much speculation recently about upcoming models in the 40 series and when they might release. We’ve already had the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 4070 and RTX 4070 Ti release. With that in mind, people are now wondering about an RTX 4050 and when they might expect it to launch.

Let’s have a look at what we found.

RTX 4050 release date rumors and speculation

Since there has been no official confirmation or release date there’s nothing to say for certain when gamers could expect an RTX 4050. However, there has been a rumor surfacing from Twitter user Zed__Wang, a known leaker, who suggests we might see an RTX 4050 in June.

When we were looking at when we might expect the RTX 4060, we speculated that May-June 2023 might be the time we could start seeing some new 40 series releases. We based that on the current release schedule of the 40 series which has been: RTX 4090 in October 2022, RTX 4080 in November 2022, RTX 4070 Ti in January 2023 and RTX 4070 in early April.

This put each new release roughly 1-2 months apart. If we viewed that as a pattern that may continue we were looking at a 4050 sometime between May and June. While this would seem to back up Zed__Wang’s prediction, it’s hard to tell given March did not yield any 40-series releases.

This, combined with Zed__Wang’s lack of verifiable sources and the ongoing lack of official confirmation of the 4050 even existing, let alone a release date, is making us question that late Q2 2023 release date speculation. That said, a leak caught by TechRadar noting that a 4050 model had been submitted to the European Economic Commission (EEC) does make us hope for a release on the foreseeable horizon, even if it’s not by June.

Instead, given the large gap between the last release and now, with still no official word, we think it more likely we could be looking at a Q3 2023 speculated release for an RTX 4050, although only time will tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the 40 series is such a popular graphics card series, we know many gamers have questions they want answers to about the latest and upcoming releases. We’ve done our best to answer your most pressing queries here with everything we know so far.

What is different between the RTX 30 series and 40 series?

The main difference between the RTX 30 series and the 40 series is the inclusion of Ada Lovelace architecture in the 40 series which, on average, makes the graphics card more powerful.

Will the RTX 4050 have DLSS 3?

If an RTX 4050 graphics card arrives it is very likely it will have DLSS 3 as, combined with the new Ada Lovelace architecture, Nvidia have announced DLSS 3 as a key feature of the 40 series as a whole.