Can you play Starfield on ASUS ROG Ally?

Can you play Starfield on ASUS ROG Ally?
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Many fans are wondering…can you play Starfield on ASUS ROG Ally?

Starfield is going to be massive. With a release date confirmed for September 6th, lots of people are wondering whether it will be playable on the ASUS ROG Ally. If you haven’t decided to buy the ROG Ally yet, whether or not it will be compatible with Starfield could be a major decider for those still on the fence.

The M-rated Sci-Fi game promises gore, sex and adventure. We’ve had confirmation that it will be playable on Xbox and PC, meaning that you will be able to play Starfield on the ROG Ally which has access to Xbox Game Pass via Windows 11. The system requirements for Starfield won’t be a match for the Ally either, which boasts a RDNA 3 GPU and a new AMD Z1 Extreme CPU that powers its stunning 1080p 7inch screen.

ASUS ROG Ally Starfield compatibility

While we’ve established that you’ll be able to play Starfield on the ROG Ally, now let’s consider how compatible it will be.

If you’re hoping to play Starfield on a monitor, you’ll be pleased to know you can connect your Ally to a monitor via a dock. Simply check out our selection of the best docks for ASUS ROG Ally and feel free to connect more than just a monitor. A dock or charging pack might also be a good idea if you’re playing Starfield on your Ally due to its limited battery life. Starfield will be a demanding game and the ROG Ally’s battery life isn’t perfect, only lasting up to two hours. This will undoubtedly be a letdown for some fans of the game, especially if they’re hoping to play a lot on the move. We recommend checking out the best power bank for the ROG Ally to improve things.







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As we move towards the September release date, we’ll get a good insight into how Starfield will perform on the ROG Ally. If we compare it to another demanding game like Diablo 4, it looks like the game could run pretty well on the Ally, though time will tell. Make sure you check back here for future updates as the ROG Ally releases.