ASUS ROG Strix 16 RTX 4060 vs Razer Blade 16 – which NVIDIA gaming laptop is better?

ASUS ROG Strix 16 RTX 4060 vs Razer Blade 16 – which NVIDIA gaming laptop is better?
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Today we’re comparing the ASUS ROG Strix 16 RTX 4060 vs Razer Blade 16 RTX 4060, to see which gaming laptop makes more sense for you.

The ASUS ROG 16-inch gaming laptop came out alongside the RTX 4060. It’s release means we can finally have a look at the new mobile GPU, which promises to be incredibly powerful but also more affordable than the other cards released in the RTX 4000 series thus far.

The Razer Blade 16 was announced at CES 2023 as one of the most exciting gaming laptops of the year. Well, it is now available with the brand new RTX 4060 GPU too, making it an even more tempting offer.

These are both incredibly powerful and high-spec. They offer the opportunity to game at high frame rates and resolution while on the go, as well as excelling at other high-end computing tasks. You can expect to pay for this however, you won’t be found either of these devices in our list of the best gaming laptops under $1000, for example. You may find that the sales period serves up some decent Black Friday Razer laptop deals though, which could lessen the financial blow.

We’ll be comparing the laptops in several key areas, with the aim to find out which one is right for you. Let’s get into the comparison.

ASUS ROG Strix 16 RTX 4060 vs Razer Blade 16 RTX 4060 – specs

SpecASUS ROG Strix 16Razer Blade 16
Display size16 inches16 inches
Resolution1920 x 1080p2560 x 1600p
Refresh rate165Hz240Hz
GPURTX 4060RTX 4060
CPUIntel 13th Generation Core i7Intel 13th Generation Core i9
Storage512GB SSD1TB SSD

As you can see from the table above, these two laptops are largely similar but with the Razer Blade 16 edging the ASUS ROG Strig 16 in a few key areas.

Let’s start with what is the same. Unsurprisingly the most important aspect here is the GPU. Whilst we don’t have the full specs of the RTX 4060 just yet, we can say with complete confidence that it will be a very high end and powerful card. The entire RTX 4000 series from NVIDIA excel as raytracing, and, as we saw from some of the best RTX 4090 laptops that have come out, performance does not have to be sacrificed completely for this mobile version of the GPU.

In fact, with the specs of these laptops coupled with the specs of the RTX 4060 we predict the performance you could expect from a gaming desktop.

As the RAM is the same for both devices the key differences come in terms of refresh rate, CPU, resolution and internal storage space. All of which are superior on the Razer Blade 16. The 240Hz refresh rate is especially impressive for a gaming laptop ensuring incredible smooth gameplay. Smooth gameplay will be made possible, in part, thanks to its top-end i9 CPU.

The larger memory size will set you back more money but also ensure more space for more games, reinforcing what is already clear: the Razer Blade is ideal for the gaming enthusiast.

ASUS ROG Strix 16 RTX 4060 vs Razer Blade 16 RTX 4060 – features

The Razer Blade 16 features Razer’s dual-screen technology. This feature is incredibly useful as it allows you to switch between an Ultra HD resolution at 120Hz and a Full HD resolution at 240Hz when gaming. This makes the laptop versatile, allowing it to carry the perfect specs for multiple purposes rather than just gaming.

Neither laptop has a touch screen. This may be a limitation for some graphic design or other computing processes but is actually no bad thing for a gaming laptop. Touch screens are not really made use of in computer gaming and instead just drive up the purchase and repair costs of the laptops they feature on.

Which one should you go for?

There is one key bit of information we have not yet discussed and that is, of course, price.

The difference in price between these two laptops is fairly stark. The ASUS ROG 16″ is available from Best Buy below, for a price of $1,449. This is by no means pocket change but does significantly undercut the Razer Blade 16 which sets you back a whole $2699.

This is not necessarily to say that the Razer device offers less value for money though. Let’s not forget that it beats the ASUS ROG offering on resolution, refresh rate, storage and processing power.

This means that, as is very common in the world of tech, it comes down to your personal preference. Both of these devices offer a great return on investment, it is simply a question of your needs and requirements.

If you are a true gaming enthusiast who can put to full use the incredible specs of the Razer Blade 16 then it makes sense to take the plunge. With the incredible power it houses it is not going to be outdated any time soon.

If budget is more of a corner, or if you don’t think you need the huge storage size or increased performance of the Razer, then the ASUS ROG is an excellent choice.

You can find links to buy both below.

ASUS ROG 16″ RTX 4060 Gaming Laptop 

Display size

16 inches




1920 x 1080p

Refresh rate



RTX 4060



Razer Blade 16 RTX 4060 Gaming Laptop 

Display size



2560 x 1600p



Refresh rate



RTX 4060



Frequently asked questions

Are laptop GPUs less powerful than desktop ones?

Yes, due to constraints in terms of heating and form factor, the laptop GPU is less powerful than its desktop equivalent.

Is the RTX 4060 be good at raytracing?

Yes – the entire RTX 4000 series is geared towards raytracing performance, and are easily amongst the best GPUs for raytracing.