RTX 4060 laptops release date – when do they come out?

RTX 4060 laptops release date – when do they come out?
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If you’re wondering about the RTX 4060 laptop release date, we’ve gone over the most important information on when they come out.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 laptops will introduce the most budget friendly option for the RTX 40-series range, with the RTX 4090 and 4080 laptops having already released recently. The base model graphics card, the RTX 4060, hasn’t actually launched yet, so this is also going to be our first look at what could be the best value GPU released by Nvidia in this generation.

The RTX 4060 gaming laptops are scheduled for a release on February 22nd, which is not too far away at all. The prices of the RTX 40-series laptops are varying wildly, with options available between £1,199 – £2,899 in the UK, with US prices still slightly uncertain. However, we’re expecting them to cost a very similar amount across the pond.

What RTX 4060 laptops are going to be released?

The RTX 4060 laptops currently available to pre-order in the UK are the following:

We’re going to be sure to keep an eye out for the latest updates on more RTX 4060 laptops scheduled to launch on the the release date – February 22nd. We’re also going to be sure to look out for other retailers who are soon to start listing the card. In the meantime, you might be interested reading about the best gaming laptops under $1000/£1000 ahead of the release date. While the RTX 4060 laptops are looking extremely promising, there’s no secret that some of them are positioned with a high asking price. In light of that, picking up a cheaper laptop via a quality deal could be your ideal option.

Make sure to check back in with us often for the latest information regarding the RTX 4060 gaming laptops release date, price, specs, and features. We’re also going to look at comparing them against each other, and answering all of the most relevant questions.